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From the Last Walk Series, (c)

From the Last Walk Series, (c)

Urban life means buildings and it is up to you to balance your interior with the gifts strewn around or not so that it is necessary for you to live like the sailor and deal with the port and small rooms as in the SRO taken over by rule breakers who want too many fucking pissing cats or dogs and nobody has the gall to just get rid of them and put them on the street to lay there hooked to the pole lamp put there by Edison and they steal power out of for their little TV.

Not possible for too many stories.
Rochdale College Toronto from High School graduation to when I had to get out or get killed likely and let us not find me no murders and statue of limitations and all so I hope we are cool?

When I was young there were some embarrassing events.
One terrible thing had to do with 50 dollar as month I some how got in some sort of mail from Bob, Bill, he was from Alabama and a dodger.
You look older if you grow a beard and I was 19 and they the most of them had been already drafted and some like Bob Weird Harold already had to desert.
So this was not about peace. This was about a war on and the war in Vietnam ended and so did downtown Rochdale.
I’d gone back once to visit with Lionel taking my brother. It must have sort of excited and horrified him. The parties on the elevator and I can’t remember where we stayed over any nights since I don’t even know why I went back, other than we do that sort of thing like soldiers who go back years latter to see graves and turns in the road and fields where friends died.

I’m recently 61 and so to 71 what’s that? 40 years? Give or take a year.

So by then I was living on the 4th floor facing out or back but had Mickey with me which was a favor to Billy. I’d travel between the 15th floor and the place I lived and the lobby where I worked screening people and my role as I understood it for you see that I was hired to do a job.
My job was to keep speed freaks and junkies out.
Really the Drunks were the most dangerous.

For the movie I never got to make it would be of course Character standing on the BQE expressway Big Queen Expressway superhighway some outside of Toronto and at least planning on getting there.
Back then I fully misunderstood life since I didn’t think I needed my father. There were some issues to sort out there.
Father hatred.
It wqs going around for whatever they did we were at war with our parents and the old people like I am now. We couldn’t make them happy and they couldn’t make us happy.

I wanted to fly and make movies and was selling poems on the street and did Ghetto News publishing everybody Mike of Tuesdaily wouldn’t publish. Being the Editor was my main job natural for I had done that in the class room at Adventure in Creativity. Ad Venture In CReativity! : What a stupid name even for an educational experience.

Once at least there I got LSD in me and climbed a pool and yelled about not wanting to come down. Fine. Those were good drugs. Those names of drugs they used really meant something more than we mostly understood as they were actually good brands. There were good brands and bad brands and sorts to where the brown windowpane didn’t even look right.
Don’t do that.

There is some commercial on TV now using a Jimi Hendrix song that turns my stomach for Chase now which isn’t even at all the bank it used to be and I having had to do business and needing a bank in NYC got so these bank bankruptcies mean lots more than you know young doing business. Citibank and Chase “Manhattan” and Manny Hanny, or Manufacturers Trust which was a regular bank, could be like acid brands or brand names in general.

Let’s bring back Eastern! Are you fucking kidding me!

So Rochdale was a Co-Op of a Co-Op education with Ethereal Foods there on the ground floor to feed us.

I’d go to Meat and Potatoes with Bob, Bill, whatever name he was forced to use since what we have are our name and criminals need lots of them. We knew some of these guys by their real names. That scares me now.
Courage you writer.
Courage you fool.
Mario Puzo turned it all to fiction and never used a real person’s name ever.
Safer it is that way even many years on.

These fucks are insider sabototuers SabOTours? fuck, I want to keep going and there have been times in my past I had to punch myself in the face to finish as sentence on a page with keys punching holes in any paper I used.

My first newspaper job ruined me about paper. Cheap paper newsprint was fine. Soak it in milk or take photographs of it.

What next: Stand there. Get fed. Get taken to a Caberat, small place show comfortable to watch serious civilized actors.
This is a scene list, then it is They figure out how to get rid of you.
Then you drive a car.
The Character I mean. The Mercedes sports car.
The Character turns the teacher on to hashish and he, the older guy is all dismissive, old and what they called square for really it goes to the Beatniks and the war against the Bomb, but then losing that war over and over everyday.
So let’s get high.

The Bank of Montreal took my money because it wasn’t enough for them to add interest too. I kept my bank book. Rochdale College was right across the street from the bank. My paycheck was good. Really the days now of us inventing script, money ought to have really been made done then, but we weren’t smart enough together and there was death as a reality for me anyway.

We got the theft to sign his car over to us.
Fergy wanted to cut his finger off. He’d always wanted to cut somebody’s finger off.
They cut fingers off in the movies all the time so it is obviously a desirable thing to do like having sex, or shooting somebody.
I’f I shoot somebody, I want to get their house for it.

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