Tired of Being a Spy/Working Class Corner

Tired of Being a Spy/Working Class Corner

by- Russell Scott Day

Because of my work on The Inspector Gadget show I studied Interpol which led to a study of Espionage.

I didn’t really want to be involved but the way things have turned out we all have to be spies in our own life these days and it is an increasing burden.

I’m tired of it.   It’s not fun.

I wonder if Macintosh is really more fun?

If I could write a line for Zippy, it would be, "Progress through fun!"

It is not fun to be spied on.

The lives of spies are not much fun.

At least spies spy sometimes on people who are having fun.

What is fun anyway?

I had a lot of fun driving fast with the radio on loud when I was young.

Apparently when you think of it there is an element of danger associated with fun.

A couple of years ago I had some fun at the bar balancing dwarf pumpkins on my head.

Another ingedient of fun then would be silliness.

I loved it when my daughter told me I was "Silly".

They had a TV show about a silly spy called Get Smart.

A number of the James Bond movies are about saving the world from Weapons of Mass Destruction single handedly.

This is not a good overall strategy.

Interpol is the International Institution that I think most competent to prevent Nuclear Terrorism.

Of course they are undercut by Institutionalized hypocrisy.

The interconnectedness of the Drug War, and the so-called War on Terror is real and part of the reason we are unduly assaulted and threatened as private individuals just trying to get through our working lives and leave some legacy of integrity and wealth to our children.

Spies use smugglers, and smugglers will smuggle anything.

It may be actually more fun to be a smuggler than to be a spy, but they all work for the same sorts.

I’m tired of being forced to be a spy.

Passwords and codes, and more codes and threats of identity thieft and stupidities, like studies of what causes poverty.

War and corruption cause poverty.

Every spy knows that.

Mexico is more corrupt than the US, and Russia is pretty corrupt and China is corrupt and the Catholic Church is corrupt and Islam is corrupt and the Iraqi Police are corrupt and Saudi Arabian Princes are corrupt and the Working Classes are where the corrupt get all their money.

The powerful and corrupt have successfully divided and conquered the Working Classes through the use of Religion and Nationalism.

We need a Union for Spies.

It is a lot of work.


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