Working Class Corner/BEER

by- Russell Scott Day

I drank some very good beer, and at least one more than I ought to have, and then got in my car and tried to take a nap and apparently called my wife to tell her where I was and she came and got me from the busy public parking lot.

My wife convinced me to leave the car and drove me home.

I’ve said before that the current President Bush seemed like the classic "Dry Drunk", and we would all be better off if he drank some beer, or made sure to go to AA meetings at least.

Of course one of my heroes is US Grant.

I understand some of the human flaws and reasons for critisism of his Presidency, but he was a great General and an honest and brave man who did not waste the work or lives of others lightly.

The story of what he did after his loss at Cold Harbor shows what kind of man he really was as much as anything.

(He got drunk and rode his horse as fast as it would carry him, chased by his staff, showing himself to the Confedrates and taunting them to catch him or shoot him.)

After that he kept on pressing and waiting and flanking till Richmond fell.

It was the way it had to be done.

Yeah he drank, and I drink, and so did Faulkner, and like my Polish friend said,

"It’s not how much you drink, it’s what you do when your drunk."

Driving is not recommended.

I typically do not drink more than two of the really good strong beers they have up there at Milltown, and I might have had four.

It was embarrassing that a local politician and a cop watched my wife convince me to have her drive me home, but it was nice that the next day my car was still there in the parking lot and hadn’t been broken into or towed or stolen.

When that turned out okay I was very grateful since there have been a number of times that if I couldn’t drive, and there were some things of value in the car, it was robbed.

The company and conversation was good and I am glad of it.

Still the best beer up there is pretty strong, and it is interesting the name of it is Victory.

I’d like to interview the brewer.



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