Working Class Corner/Advice for Illegial or Legal Immigrants Mexican or Otherwise

Working Class Corner/Competitive Workers

by- Russell Scott Day

      All working class people actually owe it to themselves to join a Union and pay dues to that union and pay attention to that organization regardless of the job or nationality of which they come.

       The Mexicans have been failed by their nation and have stressed me out even though I like my Mexicans.

       They are younger than I am.

       I never see old Mexicans on my construction jobs.

       I myself am not entirely wild about the Unions I know about or have been in but I do know that Working Class People do need to unite to protect themselves from exploitation by Corporations and Countries.

       The propaganda war that is slanted on NPR to make Working Class People swallow the incredible distance between their pay for making the President look good, remedy and what is right justice for work above and below the neck line is in dramatic need of address.

       The example is dying children and raped women who are flyover for the manipulators.

        There really is no other option for the working classes than to unite as Labor.   The Labor Party really needs to be universal and international and work for an International Minimum Wage.

        My Union IATSE needs some reform.

        I need to come out of abatement and this is a bit of my reappearance.

        My start as an organizer would be local to the Coliseums where Union Workers put the shows up and take them down, but let the Management hire illegial Immigrants to come in and clean up the spilled popcorn.

        I never really did stand up for the Mexicans before, but now that I know I am a real janitor, I am ready to make another speech at Dag Hammerskold Plaza.


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