Working Class Corner/Hot/Back

Working Class Corner/It’s Hot

      For a couple of weeks my back was in such bad shape I was in too much pain to work and went to the Chiropractor every day they were working til I could get back to work.

       Nothing like a heat wave to greet you on returning to work.

       Luckily the place we are working is airconditioned and even though it is carpentry and dirty and hard by heavy to lift move or destroy, we’re only in and out of the heat and the truck has a working airconditioner.

       All the time to get through a day I am thinking,  "It could be worse."

       I’ve been looking for another job because my boss wants me to.

       He told me so, so it is like being told, "I want to fire you."

       I’m not wild about the idea of getting a job that pays less than the one I have, so I am inclined to show up as much as possible for the one I have till I find one that pays more.

        At 54, with the education and experience I have, nothing in an office seems to fit right.

        I certainly don’t take air conditioning for granted.

        I remember the Union guy on a job that I was working that the Teamsters and the IA took over while I was doing it.

       A guy who appeared after the Teamsters and the IA appeared on my job looked at me and said, "You’ve got one asshole, take care of it."

       It’s hot.

       My back is a mess.

       The war is already home for me.

       I worked for years at the Airport.

       I couldn’t pass a piss test if pot was the big deal without potions.

       Couldn’t have passed it then, but they didn’t give them then.

       10 years I worked on airports either fueling or managing that and sometimes flying myself around.

       Do you have to take a piss test to work at Wal Mart for 7.50?

       About 2 percent of Americans are exempt from piss tests, and that is the same percentage that have the bulk of the money.

       The lesson would be, don’t take a job from 11 to 91 that depends on your piss purity.





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