Barbed Wire Is Back/Working Class Corner

Working Class Corner/Barbed Wire is Back

by, cough Russell Scott Day

     Apparently the United States needs a fence between its border, impotent and the border with Mexico.   Canada may need a similar fence.

      Apparently the United States wants to build a very nice high tech fence along the border between Mexico, medicine and the United States.

      I remember WWI, and think that barbed wire rolled out is quicker and cheaper.

          WWI came out of the same sort of power balance in Europe, as we now have in the world.

      It really is too bad that Russia did not become a State in the Union.

      Certainly New York and Moscow are Sister Cities in Spirit.

      The most likely event is that both cities are blown up because of their lack of common sense.

       But as far as the border between Mexico and the United States is concerned, and the current discussion about the utility of a fence.

       May as well roll out the barbed wire.


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