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Working Class Corner/Just My Mental Landscape

by Russell Scott Day

The heat has come and I need to go out and buy some hi tech clothes so that working in it will be more fun.

I have two cans of bug spray.

I feel time and have the same hunch as the guy in the government that said he thought something big and bad was coming up.

I’ve been studying how to grow potatoes when I surf the web.

Potatoes grow from eyes instead of seeds, and you can grow them in stacks of old tires.


I don’t like Edwards much because of his refusal to ask doctors how long from joint to joystick they would approve for Commercial Pilots when I corresponded with him when he was Senator.

Still I don’t think it fair for him to be attacked for paying well for a haircut.

Far as I see he was fighting the potential poverty of hairdressers.

I’m all for hairdressers getting paid well.

He could turn things around on that issue by paying a North Carolina Cosmotology graduate the same money for a local haircut.

Actually he was just paying the day rate for a Make Up Artist working on a movie.

I’ll bet the Make Up Artist had to spend all day one way or another cutting his hair.

I’m glad I’ve worked in show biz.

I remember when all of my job was looking for work.

Toward the end of my time in Manhattan, I made 8hundred and 95 dollars for the day, but didn’t work again for a month.

I was down to 83 cents in a jar when the check finally came.

I’ve been retrained many times and worked in Aviation Services and Motion Pictures, and as a Carpenter, or carpenter’s helper, mechanics helper.

Some of the little checks I’ve gotten for writing even helped.

Once it was 60 dollars I got for a birdhouse I built that Niche Gardens sold that was all I had to spend on my daughter during a visit.

It is no wonder that American Politicians and Actors are often the same people.

There isn’t great job security really, and you have to work with some very impractical people.

My big push last Feburary to Feburary to advance the goal of eliminating Weapons of Mass Destruction from national and private arsenals, has faltered since the Feburary Bomb Art Show.

You know that there are organizations trying to get their hands on Atomic Bombs to explode in the Western World.

You know that as long as Nuclear weapons are legal for some, but not for others, they will soon be used.

Italy seems to understand they are not a target since after all their history, they choose to be silly.

Last time I heard about a lot of French people dying, it was because of a heat wave.


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