Excecution Corner

Working Class Corner/Execution Methods

by- Russell Day

Doctors who refuse to help kill people have condemmed some prisoners to botched excecutions.

After thinking about it I am in opposition to the death penalty on the basis of mistakes more than any other reason.

Putting an innocent to death obviously has happened.

It is not the sort of thing I want to be responsible for.

Still I have thought about what sort of death would be most painless and wonder if it is best to shoot the condemmed up with Heroin and then drop a large heavy weight on their head.

It may well be that a good way to kill people is to shoot them up with Heroin and then shoot them in the back of the head.

Apparently Stalin had his killers walk his victums into rubber matted rooms, drugs and as the door was opened they were shot in the back of the head, and then fell on the more easily cleaned rubber mat.


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