Working Class Corner/Platform

Working Class Corner/Platform

by Russell Scott Day


The US needs help and needs to ask for it and that is what I want my President to ask for.   It might as well be the one we have or the one we get.

Sooner would be better than later.

The United Nations is carping about what the US owes in dues.

The attitude in the UN and Europe apparently is that the war in Iraq is the United States problem.

Regardless of the stupidity of the United States, store which was not always stupid, the War in Iraq is an international problem, especially for the brotherhood of the working classes.

I call on the Unions such as the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and IATSE, and the Teamsters, and the AFL-CIO and all other Guilds like SAG or secret societies like the Masons to ask for proper protection from their governments and the United Nations.

The nations and corporations have united to manipulate the working classes and this is a fight.

Judgements of governmental theory by one nation or all as to whether or not they are approved ought only rest on the general adherence to the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

A good King is a Good thing Tried and True and Nothing New, for instance.

Human Rights must be advanced for working class people who are often enough women.

Every working person ought to have the same right to travel to wherever they have a job as any corporation.

The International Wage is the pivot for the sucess of the Working Classes who support both the rich and the poor with their industry.

If the Catholic Church through its invention of the Vatican can have a Mission to the UN that has the Status of a Nation, the Workers deserve as much an office and voice!

The UN is Bureaucratic and flawed by corruption in tandem.

The Nations are stupid and the Unions need to have an office there representing their honor.

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