Today I have been working as a carpenter

Dear Lynne,

Today I have been working as a carpenter on a renovation while the heat index rose to l05. Last night I knew today was going to be brutal, so I sent you the Readers Report for Jet Roar Beach along with the character sketches and a Transcendian curio.

I think you can see the logic there.

Possibly you an Mr. Bewkes would think well enough of some of my other work to help me get it into production. In the case of Jet Beach, I’ve begun to wonder if Sidney Pollack would appreciate it since he has the Gulfstream and would be aware of the stereotypical characters I am writing about. Motives do create common actions of characters in specific environments.

It was a piece I just wanted to sell.

I have also a platen for a Series type show titled Learjet.

Thievery of intellectual property in Russia made the commitment letter
from Soventure about useless.

Scenes from Aberdeen on my reel, were from a TV Pilot that I was the
Director of Photography for. On that film I changed the leading man from a house painter to a train mechanic, secured the locations and directed many of the scenes when the Director was missing.

When picking a job you are supposed to look for three things: Good
People, Good Project, and Good Money. You are not supposed to take the job unless you get two out of three. In the case of Aberdeen, it was only the project that was good.

As far as The United Nations Channel, I wait, impatiently apparently, for something to happen. It is obvious to me that in an ideal world I would first off make the show examining corruption at the United Nations,
since then we would know what we were getting into. I imagine that as a Transcendian Television Special.

Russell Day

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