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Well the last column I wrote went up there in the black.  Was titled For Jerry.  Is about appropriation artist and what he did with money.


I have set for myself a goal of seeing Passenger Rail service reinstated.   The set up aimed at Light Rail by NCs Go Triangle group comes from the intransigence of Norfolk Southern which does all it can to benefit from the goals of the NC DOT Rail Division, while giving back nothing.

Corporations were never supposed to make us work for them but their charters were meant to serve the public good, or be retracted.   The people forget that.  The people are educated so as to look to their “betters” and be obedient.

Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly courteous kind obedient cheerful thrifty brave clean and reverent.  That was the Boy Scout kind of guy I was brought up to be, and I agree with the whole thing, except for that obedience thing.  I wasn’t going to be obedient when the order or coercive aim was to rip out of my head independence.

I bought the idea that I was equal as a citizen to anybody else.

Boy Scout gone wrong is one way I describe myself.  I like smoking pot.  I started with it when I was 15 and have never lost a taste for it.

As a professional I have always kept my sets safe.  I gave a Safety speech every day at the start of the work.  I got help keeping things safe.

But onwards.

In my campaign for passenger service in and out of the town I live in Carrboro, North Carolina I have called the engineers in the jobs who are not given the respect they deserve.  Man oh man these guys try to do their very best.

I got a call from Alan Paul who is the Director of the Rail Division of the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

I’ve spoken before to a friend of his at the NC RR company Jim Kessler.

All this stuff about a light rail system is forced on the people of Orange County NC because Norfolk Southern refuses to co-operate with what they have by the permission of the people.  We can take that permission back.  They are a corporation and the charter can be yanked.

Thanks, Russell

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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