Transcendia, Original Plan

The original plan had become to get the financing for a movie from someone of the many with money I met and worked for as a servant at the FBO.
Then I was to take the money from the profits of the movie and put that into buying control of the land for the airports. It was decided by me that leasing of the land for the free trade zone airports all under the one flag of Transcendia, was better than buying the land.
Transcendia was intended to be anti war, not be founded by war. I became across the bridges of time, aware that to make real money in the movie and television business you had to make three movies with distribution before you were considered in the game, and would start seeing big money.
The precedents for Transcendia were Pan Am, Hong Kong, and Disneyland. As it is in the end Disneyland is the best precedent for the creation of a nation without the typically accepted war. The control of a body of armed soldiers is the one necessity for the recognition of nationhood.
There is no single perfect form of long term government that I know of other than Parliamentary Democracy. Westminster Parliamentary Democracy has the longest record of surviving. Godwin Anarchy is able only to really provide the institutional missions of Defense and Education as permanent and necessary focus.
I call all Transcendian Schools Flight schools due to the need for pilots affiliated with Transcendia. The all rounded man is well read in philosophy, which does knock on the door of Theology. One must accept the spiritual life as part of the physical life to be best able to summon up the necessary courage to overcome and defeat disease of the souls.
For that I was lucky to have lived so as to experience a vision. So then there is a Transcendian Theology as it seeks wisdom and truth combining the two best spiritual books, what sort some best call “living” books. As a spiritual practice I throw the I Ching, and read the Readings for the Day. If I am just in seek of commentary on what tone my spirit is in, I throw the I Ching. For one overall commentary on the general being of all humanity, it works well to simply read the Readings for the Day, and throw then the I Ching. The Ching will give commentary on the Reading for the Day.
Aside from any gifts of insight in what one would be best to do gotten out of these books, which ought not be always without your own commentary, regardless, fairness to all ought be the aim, as that is ethical. Ethics work in the commons when morality doesn’t.
It is only ethics to provide for the governance of Transcendia. Transcendia has a body of law and practice that is International to apply so as to be the great neutral nation. In my mind it is a great human benefit I propose in all known and unknown manner. It would be of great spiritual uplift for a nation to be spawned of the great mythical life of respect and freedom for the individual.
In one of my poems I stated that the pilots rule the world, but don’t know it.
Sea Captains came before them and were welcome in many ports. The Sea Captains were the cause of Admiralty Law, and Maritime Law as we moved into the Modern Era out of the Middle Ages when ships had the boom sail and tacked into the wind.
All human maturity rests upon travel anywhere at any time under any circumstance. So it is that the facts of human life in outer space mean as we left the limits of the ships that required either human strength, or the lucky sail, on to now when some look at Mars as I did in my youth as a evacuation destination the hurry of Elon Musk to put humanity on Mars is a rush project I want to encourage since we are coming to the terrible times here.
It is a retreat for the seeds of man to move to Mars. The intelligent powerless man sees only to flee the conflict area, abandon the battlefield to survive when they are not well enough armed to defend themselves.
There is an infrastructure of airports that are badly managed. These airports are the cheap ones that Transcendian Flagged would be made greater destinations at the lowest costs.
I keep at my local conflict which is perfect practice at changing a medieval management technique.
The entire state of North Carolina is Medieval in its point of view regarding the Labor of the state, who are of no real part of the power structure. The influence of the church people in the government as having the last word regarding personal rights is similar to the influence of the Papacy, but any name for the keepers and active institutions legislate from Catholic influences regardless out of the Pope’s mouth to NC citizens.
The morality they push down on the common man through there laws fearful of democratic and ethical rights makes living amongst them dangerous and mean spirited. The ideal of a separation of church and state is aggressively fought when it comes to Womens Rights, The War on Drugs, and even Labor.
It is no wonder Billy Graham was so loved by Presidents. He preached from the pulpit and in his offices saying that to Unionize was sinful.
So much of the life of an American United States citizen has pivoted from a dream of economic freedom accessible to labor into the abyss of wage slavery. The current situation of debt slavery for the graduates of higher educational institutions is nothing less than a greater compromise of all classes of labor dependent for their livelihood on the efficient standardized franchise, offices.
My favorite servant job was FBO work on three different airports. Rich people were around and in Greensboro I was accepted as diversified and got some photographic work contracts. The pure enjoyment of it and life was on the ramp of Business Air Center. Page Avjet, a CIA front Company was most miserable. Piedmont was the topper for a most horrible corporate life experience.
There was a year there in transition and a heroic beating I drove a taxi and made light shows then moving on to NYC to run and direct the operations of the Chelsea Film and Video Grip truck. For a moment of Second Ave after buying a fan to take home to the apartment on East 11th when I was perfectly successful. It was work and fight and get the money.
Then I was destroyed by the Producers Lockout called a Strike in the Daily News. Between Unions and the LA Producers and changes in the Codes applying to my electrical distribution system, I was not able to keep the business going. As a businessman I learned the necessity of insurance as a reality. I also learned that I was their enemy. An Independent such as myself was wiped from the contests.
That is unless they were sufficiently capitalized to survive the typical 2 year squeeze the producers are capable of applying.
As an individual man in labor discovering that the middle-class was not my class anymore, I stayed from then on desperate and broke, working rarely again with the higher caliber people of mind and manners I worked with in the Independent film making world of NYC.
For some reasons of culture I did not get much acting or modeling work, finding often my weak agents were incapable of closing for me, and the jobs offered were “Christian”. In Wilmington I heard of a Producer who only hired “Christians” to crew whatever jobs they had.
In the truth there is now the desire to fight it out for a foothold of secure and happy life as I move towards death at the likely regular time of 76. Being chronically sick, takes some time off as I would have killed myself from the pain as not even my wife could longer bear me when I was grinding bone on bone from legs to hips that lost all cartilage. Starting at 57 it was about trying to keep me alive and it was accomplished mechanically.
Back before modern times 57 was when the strongest would die. I can see why.
Now I have returned to the original plan, and see the Virtual Reality War Movie and a game of Transcendia ™ the way to get enough money to operate and raise the flag as many places as possible before I expire.
Last time I threw the Ching I was advised to expand my little orbit of personalities and friends if friends can be still made at all once one is the Old Man.
I see myself as the Westminster part of the overall Transcendia in my position as founder made from questions touched to the touchstone of the vision. A nation spawned peacefully that has a physical flagged presence in all nations is the aim. The advantage for commerce for all is clear. The advantage of the airports and ports coming from their general cultural neutrality as enforced by the Airport Authorities operating according to systems of best practices is profound.
UNTV and Transcendia are striking as a wonderment to not have already been part of the mission of the UN. Physical expansion of the UN with a network of ports under their flag is not done yet. What the UN ports ought to mean is islands of commerce run for the people living in World Citizenship across all classes is life according to the Declarations of Human Rights, The US Bill of Rights, and ethics as the predominate spirit of the laws.

    The Revolutionary

, which I am rewriting for paperback was always envisioned as good foundation for a movie.

    Jet Beach

is in shape for a Love Story Date Movie, with the TV Series follow up, Learjet. The book of it available on Amazon is a package as a package was made for studios, with the all important Readers Report.

Otherwise there is the 64 pages of the Transcendia War Movie which has Elvis as King in it. I am in difficulty for the War part after the 64 pages frankly.

There is the great play my father wrote and left me to do as I could with.

Two Novellas are in the pile next to the computer. These works were done when I was shed living working stage hand jobs from my IATSE 491 card that did not often produce. There was a fantastic job with Industrial Light and Magic.

But I moved from Greensboro to Chapel Hill for a steady paycheck. I was reduced to carpentry construction as that was the least of my skill set but the work most regular outside of the corporate world, some fitting for my circle way of working.

Citizen time was devoted to UNTV. It is fitting that Al Gore is screwed for his money by Al Jazzera. He and Clinton ought have supported UNTV, but didn’t. You can be sure I can give good enough phone to close deals. I did it from pay phones on the streets of Manhattan.

The phone conversation is now the equivalent of “In Person”.

North Carolina is for me now littered with a series of defeats nearby and far away. Only Celebrity Disc Golf will alter that status of failure. Cheapest production in the bag.

I am alive and still get up everyday with a fight on my hands. The strategic necessities for success stay the same. Time is running out and we will be lucky if thermonuclear war doesn’t happen in Central Europe this summer. North Carolina is perfect lands, but politically impossible for the independent scholar, or labor. Racial politics divide labor and ought not be so. The standard Media is successful in dividing labor through seeing disturbances through the lens of race, and racism, and sexual politics, and all manner of categorizations of people who in fact are one in a struggle between Labor and rapacious capitalists who are on the brink of complete victory over the people never experiencing great inheritance and without prospect of it.

My Creative Economist position inspired by the insults to my class of the ideologue Alan Greenspan produced the Insurodollar I see understanding of in a room of the Executive Committee I became a member of as I obeyed the advice of the Ching to seek out more people. As mostly an anarchist at heart I became isolated. The illness didn’t help.

I became the Vice Chair of the Town Hall Precinct of the Carrboro Democratic Party and have learned some of “Resolutions” as a first kick towards a bill. I’ve gotten to know a few more people.

It is important for people to get used to the way I think I think. I was once told that my grades had gone up as my Instructor simply got used to the way I wrote. The Insurodollar Resolution was defeated first gift offer to the Executive Committee. On the agenda it was at the last as many wanted to escape and wanted to stop thinking, or where in the habit of not thinking.

If you have not studied economics you may not be even at all aware of what the currency is based on. The currency of the US in its status of Reserve Currency eliminating all economic reasons for social failures and abdications of the mission to protect the weak, the people, dependent on the wages from their labor does for a moment not exist as its status as limited is most preached by those with all the money.

To preach this insanity while capable of extending sanctions of economic warfare wherever wanted is stupidity.

Acting now as the reinsurers of the most powerful Insurance Companies that were of the one name AIG is giving little benefit for the status of the people as de facto shareholders. The people of the US are the Reinsurers of the entire edifice that steals from them, instead of being forced to make a “Contract with America” that is a share in the Corporation of America.

The Insurodollar is Nationalistic as compared to the Bitcoin that has no army, and is an undermining of the strength of the Petrodollar which is wobbling. Independent military action of the Saudis is a sign that the deal underpinning the Petrodollar could be wrecked. If the US does not leap into the age of Renewables the moment of ascendancy in the world will have been wasted.

The Insurodollar is designed to provide to a citizen an inheritance.

The Insurodollar is again Whole Life Insurance for all citizens awarded at birth (when cheapest) and also because of its nature as a nation to join, at buy in. There are to be two pay outs at the age of maturity and at the age of death to the families.

At the age of maturity the individual citizen will begin to pay in to the National Insurance Company and Bank. A portion of the equity of their polices will be the basis for the currency put into circulation for goods and services exclusively on the Transcendian Ports. The foreign Currency exchange of Transcendia will hold or sell currencies with the utmost of honor. (I cannot determine the percentage of the share of the equity given to the purposes of the Government and its mission without the aid of an accountant.)

The examples of the Zionist State of Israel represent a wayward port of Transcendia. In the original plans I was of the judgement that when a Transcendian port could not peacefully co-exist with the government of lease, it would evacuate.

In the case of Israel I offered to Noam Chomsky and Ban Ki Moon, the skew of the Insurodollar. In that case of the ongoing forever violence between the oppressed Palestinians and the Masters by right of might Israel and the US, all would be insured forcing payouts to innocents killed in the conflict by way of either the de facto One State Solution, or of the Two State Solution whereby Palestinians would pay from their insurance for destruction and death of Israelis, and Israelis would pay from their policies on Palestinians same when killing them.

For Peace in Israel and Palestine overwhelming force of Gendarmes and the Insurodollar Skew that creates a fair killing disincentive is what I proposed. I still propose it. I believe I mentioned it in a letter to Obama wherein I explained the alternative currency to the petrodollar. An alternative to the Petrodollar as I propose is necessary to advance renewable energy.

Otherwise the Petrodollar Imperative means fossil fuels will continue as the primary source of energy, on which the civilization depends.

Last night my only dream was of a farmer and his robot in the rice fields of Viet Nam.

Insurodollar Summary

My Resolution Gift


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