Vision Vision

The events in Haiti have pushed me to think hard and practically about Transcendia as a more powerful thing.

All my prior concepts and theories are in my face.

Do them, or don’t really do them?

Where will the money come from?

Donations sure haven’t worked out.

The tattoo transfer thing hasn’t produced.

Links haven’t paid.

Ad revenue doesn’t exist.

The clothing with the flag on it available hasn’t sold.

My screenplay and tv series hasn’t sold.

I’d like to get some cash flow so as to not be a beggar.

There are tools I like, and things I feel are worth having that I’d like to sell on the site.

Eth Ad was a name I made up for an advertising marketing company pledged to only sell working useful things.

There is a War going on I need some money to fight.

It is a secret war.


Mind Game Time Spend Structure.

A Satisfying Blend of Work and play and Entertainment.

Such a place, onestop cyberlife.

Life of the Mind, some Paying work, Public Service, some music and a movie.

Hey, some Erotica, and some art too!

Adults around here.

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