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Working Class Corner/Oh Well

Over the past decade I started to take myself more and more seriously.  There had been a flaw in my thinking for a long time that my studies corrected.

Of course at the juncture of the corrections to my thinking flaws, I got older, and more physically diminished.

According to my studies I need now speed.

Otherwise I may need the help of younger people, who do not need speed.

Food is good.

I myself don’t eat much, and can be weird about it.

Nobody complains that much about the eating schedules of snakes.

I’m hungry this month, think I’ll eat a rat, and take a nap.

Can I have some Viagra please?   Just put it on the pillow.

Oh well.

Think I’ll save Haiti.

Can we buy Haiti?

No, you cannot buy countries.

Okay, Okay, What would it cost to Lease Haiti?

How much is Haiti worth?

Who bought Louisana and why?

Oh well.

Can I buy the end of the road?

Would be fun to found a town with the name: End of The Road.

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