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Working Class Corner/Power

I am a power.  I have a name.

I write and make one or two phone calls a day.

Just because you are some young pretty girl, does not mean I won’t get sharp with you, if you waste my time.

They report in the papers and in magazines that the government is broken.

I don’t believe it and act as if my phone call, or my letter is as important as anybody elses.

Girls answer the phone and want to know my status.

I don’t need any fucking status!

Well, maybe I do…

Anyway the way things are going I feel like Haiti is some sort of winding sinkhole illustrating everything that is wrong with the way the world is run.

When I was in High School my friend had a saying that was, "Don’t let the Bastards grind you down."

They do work at it.  All they have to do is stall and stall, and say talk to somebody else.

They grind you down, waste your time.  Basically they kill people by default using little Barbi dolls as gatekeepers who protect their minds from thoughts and thinking not on a list given to them by pirates of the soul.

Time Congressman Price went out the door.  Apparently even he is a lost cause.

The women that answer his phones in Durham and Washington are insulting, and deserve the insults of my reaction to their gatekeeping and demands for a title I don’t really need to provide them.

The woman in Raleigh is suffering in a mismasia of surprised dysfunction I feel.

Its not like NC isn’t a powerful place, and a State of some standing.

I am ashamed of how I am treated on the phone by the girls of Congressman Prices offices.  I thought better of him than evidence is producing.

While I am now working on the new business of the threat to Western Hemisphere stability and reputation, my concerns locally are dismissed as too much to focus on.

I am not a one trick pony.

I have worked locally and beyond my house and home, and see that in fact, the powers by name individually, or by organizational logo and bank account are as it has been reported, useless for more than wasted time for a trust long lost to a truth that even the best are now blind to.

My role as a rebel, and seditionist is confirmed as better than my role as an individual, and my voice shall be known as enough and more than those who have betrayed their ideals when knowing that hell is that, even when surrounded by chrome.

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