It is a day of a spaceship crash. In human history spaceship crashes, or losses, however you want to state them, are countable. The most common name is anonoymous and I imagine the pilot who built an airplane, flew it, and crashed in it without record or notice as part of the uncountable except by God. I applaud that weatherbeaten soul for the ultimate of sharing and selfishness for you share the joy of God flying around.

I do know one thing about pilots in general, and that is that it is a thing to do that even though it may be fatal, is still a joy to do. For the limited number of take offs and landings, flights, that I have had the gift to accomplish on my own, if I had died, I myself would have had no regrets that would touch my soul as might ethical failure.

Spaceships, SpaceStations and Robots are the Transformational Economic Necessity of our Time. They are pure inventions in that they are ethical exemplifying what is best about us as humans, creatures distinct ordering and inventing culture and civilization so far as to accomplish such a thing as leaving the earth which is like leaving mother, and makes a mother proud secretly to see a child accomplish.

I remember my greatest flight not as my own but the time we went to Schenectacty all together in the DC6 that I even got to fly for 2 hours. I remember walking around in the empty cargo hold on the way back looking out the window at the engine nacelles and watching the propellers turn in their part invisible way.

Everyone was shocked when I got paid for unloading the cargo. The Captain had invited me to fly it, and just because you enjoy a trip doesn’t mean you ought not get paid for it.

Hell I might have gotten killed if the prop governors had gone wild, or the corrosion in some clear air turbulence had bent the fuslelage in half even if I was having a good time with good people. It was all a trip to deliver urgently needed oil rig equipment.

Macheivelli says that a struggle with the environment is not enough to create a nation. These deaths in spaceships are shared by all on Earth in a way that bloodys the stars to make me regret only that I wasn’t on the crew.

Founder of Transcendia Prologue

United Nations Television Channel Update

So far the United Nations Television Schedule exists on paper, which is the best of backups I have discovered since a power surge blew up the other computer and this computer somehow made the disc out of the other one unreadable. The schedule was originally written for Lynne Constantini VP of Programming at Time Warner. She had C-Span ask me for it and C-Span turned it down. Since then I have faxed it or mailed it or handed it to a fair number of people in politics religion or the arts.

It is my goal to post this schedule over the next writing period that I have available. You might Steal This Show. I have come to admire The Grateful Dead Marketing Plan as the Modern Model.

United Nations Television
24 hour sample schedule
started 7/22/02 revised 9/22/02

This schedule starts at 12 midnight and proceeds through the night morning afternoon and into the night with design. The only hope God might give us is to know what we need to know, when we need to know it. Such issues of language translations, subtitles, and local time scheduling are surmountable to defeat the babel and conform the program transmission times to local time zone utility.

This is an ambitious schedule of programming meant to increase understanding and peace among all people.

12 Midnight Transcendian Television- The subject of a Transcendian Television show will vary according to need. Subjects that I imagine initially for close scrutiny during this time slot are what corruption of ideology or actuality exist, or do not exist, endemically in The United Nations. There are many different ideas organizations or personalities that may inspire thematic programs within the parameters of Transcendian Television.

12:30 AM Music From Around the World
Performances from muscians of all of the nations in the world in a revolving alpabetical order.

1 AM World News
World News would focus on long-term trends, and short term trends. Why anyone watching would need to know this news would be determined by its promise or threat to them regardless of where they live. For Example: The possiblity of an Ateroid strike is the prospect of a short term event that could wipe us all out. What people are doing aobut the prospect of an Asteroid Strike is a long term trend. (If Nations are working together to create a Planet Defense System, it is a superior trend signaling awareness of our common human concerns on the planet, as opposed to a unilateral national program benefiting only one nation.) Real conflicts are to be depicted clearly between opposing forces in this news program.

Never on United Nations World News should any reporting be about things like hairstyles of rockstars, since this sort of reporting would be more appropriate in a show somewhere else unto itself.

2 AM My Movie
Movies and Videos made by personal filmmakers from all over the world. It is the Flicker Festival that most closely exemplifies the sorts of films that would be presented in this show. (The Flicker Festivial is held in Athens GA., Chapel Hill NC, Richmond VA, Los Angeles CA, New York NY, New Orleans LA, Asheville NC, and Bordeaux France is a more perfect example of the sort of show I envision here.)

2:45 AM The Obituary Report
Obits of important and interesting people of the day.

3:45 Weather for Farmers Pilots and Ship Captains
Specific Weather and Trends that would enable Farmers Pilots and Ship Captains to get where they need to go in the time they have.

4:10AM International Call In
A Call in show Videotaped in a studio in The United Nations that monitors all transmissions and presents a host who pontificates as well as calling out with any device to anyone who might be able or want to call in on whatever device they have at hand with which to communcate. It would be the ultimate of call in shows in that it might call out over phone shortwave radio internet or anyother communication machine for entertainment, inspiration, or community.

6:00 AM United Nations Report
Listing of the Events Meetings and Speeches of the day upcoming for that day at the United Nations Headquarters.

6:30 AM Pictures From Space
Pictures from Space Stations or Space Ships traveling between Earth and Space. Reporting of the experiments or construction being conducted, as well as significant rocket launches by commercial or national rocket launch organizations. (The Director and Editor will edit and feed image and sound from all available sources.)

6:45 AM The Work Report
Reporting for the Working People of the World from The United Nations.

The Work Report would focus on where things were going well for workers, and where they were going badly, and why. The same as World News it would report long-term and short-term specifics.

7:30 AM The Children’s Television Teacher
-A One Room School Room
The best of teaching from schoolrooms all over the world.

9:15 AM United Nations Peacekeeping Force Report
Reporting on and from anywhere that The United Nations Peacekeeping Forces are stationed.

10:00 AM Break- A Comedy Routine from someone in the world who is funny.

10:15 AM The Secretary General’s Office
Report from The Secretary General, or from his office about world issues and what their office is doing in relation to these concerns or events.

10:30 International Law Report
Report on both standing laws that all nations observe, and the trials that come from them. Particular attention will be paid to cases that might or have changed international law.

11:30 AM Wars
A list of wars that are currently being conducted, as well as answering who is winning and why.

12:30PM Bank Report
The Bank Report would focus on the doings of National Banks as a way of revealing national agendias.

1:30PM 7 Port Fashions
Street, Shop, Salon, Church Restaurant or Bar shots of what people are wearing that day.

1:50PM World Health Organization Report
Who are the healthiest people in the world, and why. A show that contains information about what the Health Organization is doing or anyone needs to know to maintain or improve their health.

2:30 PM International Patents
Review of International Patents of the day.

I will pick up here with the rest of the schedule tomorrow.

Russell Day

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