World Bank & Off Book Accounting

Three times prior to this attempt I wrote three essays about off book accounting.

Typically I write what I write on-line with no backup and no rewrite whenever I write for the website because I have a unique feeling when doing it that way as if there is an echo of involvement simply because the electricity is flowing far away and in a cybersphere that creates a sort of common cosmic consciousness.

Sometimes things I write vanish. The phone rings and disturbs the connnection. Something else happens like my sleeve brushes the escape key, or the machine goes off line for reasons of its own.

Now what I am grappling with is how to cause The World Bank to account for the commons and put all world assets and labor on the books and set values for labor and assets so as to make all money equal relative to national assets and labor to insure the possiblity of an international minimum wage that allowed for the basics of life such as food and shelter.

This is a defense strategy actually since we need to defend ourselves from ourselves and the germs and viruses that kill us and that we share a war with that will not end unless we live cleanly.

We are more and more confinded so this war is more and more a threat even in light of past plagues.

Our confinement will increase as we do what must be done, which is expand our living space into the solar system and take over Mars and Venus and everything else possible.

The space elevators as a part of the space program of Transcendia would be good to be taken up by nations in general as soon as possible since so far Transcendia hasn’t sold enough stuff, or received any donations that would give it the power of money to direct towards these programs.

Would be nice if Hashish dealers and Pot dealers would donate some of their money towards Transcendia since Transcendia has a strong interest in legalizing their commerce which only seems internationally and domestically to do harm simply because it is illegial generally.

Generally Transcendian thought is that in confinded spaces such as submarines and spacestations which are what life on earth is getting more and more to be like, all things must be accounted for.

The American tradition is to become rich by manipulating the system so as to use assets without paying for them, by not putting all of the consequences of the business on the books.

The poor are a vast mass of powerless investors in the economy of the United States and the Corporate Entities working internationally today across all borders to enrich a cynical minority.

To live and let live is a good way to live when you live with people, the people, but there are people who are so rich they do not really believe that they have to live with the people and therefore use people as if they were cattle.

The enlightened rich who are that way because of invention or inheritance will find themselves more and more unable to escape the people and their diseases along with the unenlightened rich, and they will as a class die the same deaths as the poor as a result.

The role of the World Bank, which ought to be the richest bank in the world, ought to be one consistent with the highest principles of civilization. Real riches are illustrated in the use of money which is a human construct a common work of conceptual art.

Energy is the foundation for civilization.
If the World Bank is controled by Oil Companies who view solar, wind, geothermal and nuclear power as competition to be forestalled unnecessary suffering and the threat of common annialation will become more and more assured.
Capitalism will fail when there is no food to buy and energy must first be used to make food for a grave is the shelter of the starved.

I will grapple more with this concept of an end to off book accounting for the enabling of a just world more in the future, and I hope you will help me figure out how to cause it to be accomplished peacefully.

Love – Russell

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