Getting back to Anarchy and Conservatism as Similar

I lived in a commune so I am educated about human nature. Everyone wants you to wash their dishes and look after their children.

I lived in a commune on the 15th Floor of Rochdale College in Toronto in 1971 right after I graduated from High School and went up there from North Carolina after my Junior year in High School in Chicago on the South Side with the likes of Fred Hampton around.

The Black Panthers and Fred Hampton do not get all the credit they deserve in my White opinion. A couple of years ago I was having dinner with a Sociologist and her husband who was a Journalism Professor at UNC, and I said that it was Fred Hampton, the Black Panther in Chicago who really started Head Start, and she agreed.

When I was in High School some of my classmates visited the apartment where Fred Hampton was killed.

Fred was asleep on a cot by a sheetrock wall and was hit by machinegun bullets fired by the Chicago Police.

Today a Black guy on a bicycle rode by our house and scowled at me.

I remember when we were together.

Should I grow my hair out again?

The platform of the Black Panthers was a Marxist platform far as I can remember. Back then I read a lot of underground newspapers and the like and was interested in anarchy to the point that I found the anarchy of William Godwin to be a clear and simple guiding light of what ought to work in light of what is known about our political lives.

Esentially the nation is to concentrate on the defense of their borders, and education, and wealth and security will follow.

William Godwin speaks to the difference between natural disasters and wars in a very clear way that ought to make it clear that our ultimate struggle is with the environment.

The World Bank reflects our perceptions of the struggle and good anarchists ought to educate themselves about its agendas which will be reflected in its monentary policies.

I will attempt myself to understand where the World Bank gets its money from, and who it lends it to.

It would be a help to me if you would write me with whatever insights you might have on that subject for my education is not perfect.

Now it is certain that a weak nation can only concentrate on the essentials of defense and education and leave all of everything else to the willing and defended to act on in a common spirit of understanding with a clear goal beyond the moment.

This is why I sense that the United States is no stronger than Transcendia, which is not very strong yet.

Does the United States want to be the World Government. Does the United States think really that this is a sensible or rightful goal for all of its fortune and energies?

All that really is required is that one be strong enough and there is perpetuity advance the state when the name of the individuals is generally long gone.

For instance I have no idea who actually was the first Frenchman. Who really was the first United States citizen?

It is possible to figure these things out up to a point.

I can’t remember who I gave the first Transcendian Passport to, and have lost the list which ran to about a hundred and fifty before I lost it.

I hear that the United States has debts that run into the trillions of dollars.

During my horrible divorce I said one sensible thing to my ex wife, which was that it was not how much money you had, but what you did with it.

I myself am a soft touch for artists and musicians. When I lived in Manhattan and so many people asked me for money, I decided not to give away spare change unless it was the only way to get them to go away, or they were playing an instrument.

What I did do when I wrote the United Nations Television Schedule was design a show set that was of educational value in an overall way.

Because of the reaction of the United Nations, Kofi Annon, Time Warner, Ted Turner, and even my friend Andre` Lewin, I am near to endorsing John Bolton, but reserve my endorsement, from my working class point of view, dependent upon whether or not Mr. Bolton endorses the points for reinvention of the UN put forth by Andre` Lewin, and the French UN Association.

Love- Russell

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