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Transcendia As Art

by Russell Scott Day/Founder

Transcendia as art is similar to the attempt in physics to find a unified field theory from the sound of that to me.

Art for me is a discovery. Life for everyone is a discovery.

I’ve had an entire life if nothing else and lived some of the best and worst of the life of an artist. I have attempted the grand, and will continue to do so. If I succeed I will have built a world view and infrastructure of principles that lives on after I am gone. And, I had a vision.

The pictures, the stills that I have taken or made are more my personal experience that may only document something that caught my interest, or I wanted to make interesting.

I started drawing because I liked making movies and so I drew storyboards which turned out to be all that the movie ever was.

Some of my discoveries about myself and my world frighten me and have been hard for me to accept with humor and peace in my heart. Only because I did some art have I come to accept myself, and all of myself to the point where I have favorite flaws.

When my work transcends my flaws it contains strength,wisdom,beauty and humor. That is for the writings, the pictures, the movies, and the videos.

The Wild Palms by William Faulkner which has some transcendent unity only explained when he said that he wrote one part till he got too depressed, and then wrote the other part. I am using the word "parts" here because this is how the the parts make one story creating a unity similar to the ying and the yang of the I Ching and a way of working that I understand.

So as it goes all the parts are intended to add up to Transcendia, for which I can only be a founder or founder director due to my lack of Charisma as one of my exes claimed would be the source of my failure.

But I had the vision and it is the vision and a vision you can share and experience. Out of boredom and bliss one may see God. Constantly in my head it feels like the third eye, or a touchstone.

I believe that the experience of life turns the spirit into a soul. It really does not require extraordinary suffering for a soul to be created but there is an infinite number of spirits apparently thirsting for this life and some of them are apparently willing to be tortured or torturers to speed up the flow of transformations.

Work is the great spiritual quest for the material necessities and the great spirit gives us the ablity to all share the vision of God which is the unifying spirit of light.

When I read St. Johns I enjoyed it as advice to photographers about lighting.

When I thought of as great an ambition as possible for myself as a writer, I determined it would be to write a book for The Bible.

The vision guided me and the best I have achieved in that area has been to write how to use the Bible and the I Ching for the most complete possible reading of your own specific time and the overall time you are sharing with all living things in a time that is simply obvious as your own no matter what fool may attempt to argue as not mattering even if that fool is yourself argueing about your own worth inside your own head.

To employ the Science of History in the creation of Transcendia is my attempt to transcend the typically required war, and recognize the laws from the range of experiments that arose and have been documented to the point where it is humanly possible to achieve the creation of a nation using Pro Active Methods and Entertaining Inspiring Civil Demonstrations in a world of constant crisis and wars that amount to a permanent potential for the Apocalyptic Riot.

Back to the spirits at the door who do not care for there are few doors for the souless spirits in the universe our only alternative is to give them more worlds by taking over the Solar System.

So the ongoing war that the art that Transcendia is is to open doors for spirits to become souls by rebuilding earth constantly even in outerspace.

Is war and art, and art a war? How actually significant is DisneyLand? Does Disneyland actually qualify as a completed number of experiments in the Science of History?

The experiments I look to as most relevant to Transcendian actualization are the histories of PAN AM, Hong Kong, Woodstock Nation, and Disneyland.

My hero Ulysesses S. Grant made paintings and drawings and wrote a book. Hitler wanted to be a painter. The course of history would be different if he had been a more successful painter.

When the kids in Jonesboro murdered their schoolmates I remembered my childhood in Jonesboro Arkansas and wandering around in the woods with a gang of kids 12 to 5 with a shotgun shooting trees.

I have had the perfect profile of a shedman bomber and continue to discover what little skews have meant that I have become more and more sweet than bitter, and this is what some of my art is about.

Love, Russell

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