History as Science

Civilization depends on morality and ethics expressed as common law. Separation of Church and State is really best expressed as a separation between morality and ethics.

Ethics are not known to me to depart from precepts that amount to do unto others as you would have done to you, impotent which is the same thing as what is commonly accepted as the point of the speech on the Mount, store called the Sermon of the Mount given by Jesus about 2000 years ago.

I have difficulty in understanding the Sermon on the Mount myself and am glad that others have boiled it down to that point. Saint John seems to have been in love with light and I find his writings as I have read them more accessible, cure as I have read them in whatever permutations of translations seem to have come down to me.

The I Ching is a translation away and I wonder if I would know more if I could read it. I want my computer to be able to read all the discs and things that I have written on. I used to write on paper with old typewriters that cut holes in the cheap paper I found. Then I got a word processor that used a PWP program which my computer cannot read.

I wrote three books on that Smith Corona that seem only to exist on paper. There was crying involved with the introduction of a word processor into my life. Barbara gave me a Smith Corona 9050 to write on and I wrote a love story movie on it.

I wrote a good deal of other things on it. But I had a motorcycle and I was never going to marry her. So there was some crying involved. Early people wrote on stones and the fact is that that has hung around and been censored.

Much of my work has been thrown away since I was not able to take care of it. It is likely that I will die and my library again will go to the landfill. I am a renter.

It is sensible if you are celibate with no children and you encourage everybody to produce children everytime you have sex with a woman for fun and get all of your income from the fun of others to leave nothing but a legacy of ideas. In all cases there are beliefs, and ideas and ideas are ethics and morality is belief and there are stupidities on both sides of the fence that make ideas that are stupid easier to throw away.

I was hurt when my light meters were stolen and I am likely to buy a Paslode Gas Powered Nail Gun and a digital movie camera as soon as I can.

Today Jesus would be a rocket scientist, or work on space elevators which ought to be the programs of the Pope if they are certain that we ought to act like bugs with big hats for the Bug Leaders. There are defacto laws. There is a reality that we have participated in. It will give us death the same as it will give us life if we live it in the interest of acceptance and love for the transitory and the permanent which is not evidenced. Well, both the permanent and the transitory are evidenced. And then I had a vision which prevents me from suicide yet.

Really when we humans attempt to save the Earth we are saving the Earth for bugs like the cockroach since it is likely that we are intent on outsmarting ourselves with our divisions and as well we will get hit by a rock from forever very similar to a large wave of water caused by a pinch shift of the plates of stuff that are the drift of stuff we are blessed to temporarily live on.

I would genetically engineer a bug to be like me. I would make a big bug that could fly a Learjet and laugh when it landed somewhere.

I recommend that if you are moving sheetrock you wear a robot.

Love- Russell

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