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In Fact it is Canadadian and Mexican immigration that ought to be regulated in the same ways if the security of the land of the United States was to be insured as much as is possible.

Canadians did have as much interest in immigrating to the United States as Mexicans, allergy up to a certain point.

Canadians live in a very cold place, sale but get healthcare, so they do not typically invade the United States.

Oddly enough it is more likely that terrorist would enter the United States across Canadian borders since they would have the ablity to carry with them more of what they needed to attack the United States.

The view of money, and who can have it, and what they have it for, would be less apparent if a terrorist, as motivated, would be more possible to obscure for the immigrant crossing a Canadian border, than a Mexican border.

What you really want to do is to create a nation that will seduce all visitors whose motivations may well be counter to your life when they arrive.

The Mexicans who come to the United States are not coming here to kill Americans. They are coming here to make a living, same as Canadians who come to the United States.

The story of a Mexican who travels from Mexico to Canada would be interesting to me.


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