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What is it that Transcendian thinking has in common with the Bush Administration of the United States?

I have written myself into a few corners that I have to address, viagra buy especially regarding the place of religious practice in Transcendia, or government in general.

Since the government of Transcendia is modeled after the functional anarchy of Alcoholics Anonyomous, and that Anarchy is superior, and does acknowledge the need for a guiding component called a Higher Power, or God, I have to face the concept of Theocracy.

The Flag is based on the Transcendian Theological practice, so I am guilty of motivations that are not entirely secular.

In particular due to my spiritual experiences and the grounding of my soul that came from the experience of a profound vision that is the touchstone of my mind, and defines my soul, and compels me to work with an acceptance of something distinct as a destiny as opposed to fate, I must continue to work politically, at least as a writer, to create an intellectual infrastructure that searchers and travelers can love in concert as much as they ought to love themselves in singularity.

There is something about the balance achieved by combining the readings of the Bible and the I Ching that transcends the dangers of Theocracy in my so far experience of relying on that practice for access to the wisdom of the God I had a vision of.

Now it is possible for one to be an athiest, and also be a Hindu, or a member of Alcoholics Anonoymous. Far as I can tell one may well be an athiest and a Jew, or even a Christian or a Muslim for we come from our parents and their religions and give general honor to their beliefs regardless of how blatantly stupid we may become educated to know that these passed on beliefs are.

We can all share some comfort in rituals and holidays regardless of their historic foundations.

In the case of Transcendia, which has only one Holiday so far, that being the ironic holiday of April Fools, the reason for that being the first national holiday, while it has specific instances in my life which compelled me to yearly take stock of my life on that day, I have thought about it so long now, that I have discovered reasons to suggest it as a more general and common experience worthy of a day off, though I myself have not fully taken the day off for a number of years.

In general I have come to the conclusion that we all have the capacity to do foolish things. To have survived the foolish things we have done, and even the foolish things we have believed, makes us more wise, and is a cause for good humor, no matter the hurt of it.

I have loved and lost, and felt like a fool as a result, but in the end I have no regrets that I loved.

It is hard to actually learn how to love perfectly. We expect that God loves perfectly, and we know that we do not at all times know how to love as perfectly as we know God has the power to love.

Over time nations forgive each other for wars they have fought with each other. Often enough they later ally and kill members of other countries that they may well have been allies with in prior times.

So one would be wise not to bother with wars which one knows cynically as really of no wise or beautiful experience.

But war has been a constant human experience and a reality that we search for good reasons to undertake.

If you are a member of a State, that state has likely been created and named and Flagged due to some war that established borders by the spilling of blood.

The nominal exception is Disneyland, and I would endorse membership of Disneyland in the pantheon of nations of the United Nations.

If I was president of Disneyland I would be attempting such a success which to me would be evolutionary and acknowledging the corporate power that calls for recognition as greater than some states.

The Corporation has a long history of rivaling and influencing the actions of States. Certainly this is clear in the History of the British Empire.

Since it is the truth that the current power of the Corporations is a skew of power that hides behind States, and corrupts states, put into the open, and called to be good members of the international community, they would be more likely to more greatly benefit the world community on the local and global scene.

Transcendia, is best, a Company, Country, and work of art.

For mankind the salvation is in science and technology as much as it has always been.

The ethical use of tools is what we are charged to do for both selfish and unselfish reasons.

The real shared conflict is a conflict with the environment. All other conflicts with each other are transitory and basically stupid.

The conflict between ethics and morality is one that must be defined in the commons, and really comes to pivot clearly upon the issue of equality for women internationally.

Mankind has advanced to the point where there are a good number of women who are captains of ships and airplanes.

I myself as a man have temptations as far as desiring dominance of a woman, but have come to experience love that is volunteered.

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