Working Class Corner

I am in my spot, on my corner, and I know the range of things I have on my mind, or to do.

If you are coming here I hope you share some of the same corner.

There are the grand things, and the little things. We are parents, children, or adults and throughout our lives a toy will have value for us.

The toy gun illustrates some of the best and the worst of us.

A squirtgun, water gun in the hands of children on a hot day turns every dousing into a sensory pleasure much different from getting shot with a lead bullet.

Maybe everyone in the world ought to be armed with a water gun. I think in my position as Founder of Transcendia, I ought to be able to make a few decrees, and I am tempted to decree that everyone buy and carry the watergun of their choice.

The watergun may well have the ablity to short circuit a Taser. What a fine little world it would be if wars were fought with electric or water guns.

None of these guns would be good on the spaceship.

I always end up at Maritime Law when it comes to the spaceship, or airplane. This is why I think it proper that Airline Captains be armed same as any Ships Captain has a gun locker as a matter of course.

The need, necessity may arise for the use of force. A decision for good or ill has been, and may again be called for.

In my work in trying to add to and clarify the French Points for Reinvention of the UN, Andre` Lewin’s points, I have little to add to the suggestion that all arms sales are taxed by the UN to fund systems and programs in the interests of international rights and peace.

It is what I would call a No Brainer, and I hope you see it that bald way as well.

Best-Russell Day

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