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The Insurodollar fixes lots of problems, giving labor leverage with capital.

Poor Buzz & Stories from Warnings for My Daughter was published by me Tuesday before last, and then I walked out the door to mail a letter. I slipped on the doormat and fell akimbo and broke my leg. It was my left leg. I broke it well. I didn’t involve my replaced hip. Both my hips are replaced and I didn’t want to damage them.
We changed a few of the pieces up in the show at the Carrboro Century Center Gallery. There will be another opening February 13 2015 during the normally operated Art Walk, when I will attend to be looked at and give another speech.
I need you to buy the art that I offer so that my wife and I can travel to NYC where I must attempt to sell, and sell.
I have suggested to someone in the arts community that artists who show locally are eligible to show in a gallery in the NYC market where much art is appreciated and bought and sold.
Far as the major interest you see in the local papers in building in Carrboro and Chapel Hill, there are some simple things to make policy.
The thing to do is build tall downtown and work to solarize the energy sources.
Next the thing to do is to get ahead on the transformational offerings in the wings represented by superconductor generators and electric motors.
In general I recommend that when buildings are to be considered the engineers be consulted. It is a surprise for me that Carrboro does not have an engineer on staff. Good leaders turn to engineers to return to them sound plans for the vital infrastructure they are responsible to their citizens to provide from their tax monies.
The power of the Zoning departments of the towns of the County have dramatic affects on who gets to share in the benefits of this valuable real estate. When the Zoning prevents housing to be built that will come in at rates of return that can be expected from the working classes, there is something rotten in the way things are set up, belying all the press and propaganda about the progressive and fair nature of governance in Carrboro and Chapel Hill.
I continue to object to the management practices of the University of NC at Chapel Hill regarding the airport, IGX, Horace Williams. It will be open as an asset for the University for the forever. The campus expansion called Carolina North may well be build over by Findley Golf Course.
The area that the airport occupies is a fine local location well situated for a number of employers. I would like to see a factory building enterprise set there to build modular units.
Chapel Hill and Carrboro will not ever have Fair Housing until there is a surplus. It is long past the time that lip service is paid to the needs of the working classes, while zoning prevents the creation of housing that meets those needs.
Honest working people deserve to be able to simply walk into town and find a place to live they can afford without doing more than filling out a rental agreement.
Further there is something ill about the idea abroad that honest working people, should be maneuvered into spending all their money on rent.
From the reports I have read, the money given Wall Street to save the economy from complete collapse has been manipulated and nationally the trend has been to use it to buy up all the land and force people to pay and pay till they are wrung out.
I am willing to run for office, and as I say so here now it is no more than a announced willingness to do so.
So there you have it, a little update. I discovered of a sudden that while I might want to be characterized as an intelligentsia, or a member of the Creative Class, that sort of label does nothing to change the fact that I became working class before I understood that was what happened when I became a self directed artist.
There were things that were roiling in the history of my life, that pushed me away from the ease of an academic life. I went to a fine Community College taking Audio Visual Tech, instead of the University for Fine arts, creative writing, political science.
In Rochdale College Toronto as part of Security I saw how devastating to the dreams of Woodstock Nation was the naive trust in the good nature of men. The corrupt prey on the naive.
There is more than one form of corruption as well. It isn’t just the allowing of thievery, and bribes to get ahead of the others, but that corruption of ideals of meritocracy and fairness for all who put their heads down and do the right things, but find at every turn their opportunities are stunted and blocked by persons of undeserved status and hypocrisy.
Don’t think for a minute it is not done to your neighbors who deserve respect regardless of their fortunes.
Work. Gloves protect your hands

Piece is titled Work

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