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Frame from cartoon I am working on History of the World for Innocents

The image is of a project I’ve not finished. There are lots of them. There is the big one. I looked at Kickstarter and didn’t feel like I fit that crowd sourcing thing. Starting a Nation isn’t exactly normally considered a work of art. I can write up forms as if they were poems, but I never fit into whatever it is the other institutions want. One of the people around is appealing for money to get him some teeth. That is done via Gofundme.org, or something very close to that.
Of course there is the necessary war involved in the building of a nation. I wanted to substitute a 3 D Virtual Reality Scratch and Sniff War movie that was followed up by a game for that, as being anti war.
Who wants to go to war with all the nuke armed nations to take away their nukes? There is the good war. We could do that.
Do you want to take over a bunch of cocaine airfields and keep it down to the pot trade. I am for that. Lots of Heckler Koch guns to work with and some tanks, preferably electric tanks.
An airport and seaport is more perfect. The perfect port is by the ocean on the end of a river with railroad tracks and served by a major highway. Really these days I may as well just move to Montevideo if they will have me. If i can get in with my Transcendian Passport.
We aren’t leaving here till I have paid off the back child support. I said to the lady on the end of the phone, “I ought have gone to court overtime my fortunes changed.” She said, “That’s right, but it is too late now for that.”
I’d done the negotiating directly with my ex-wife till my daughter was 17. Will gofundme give me money to be free of that bill? My working days with the body, doing hard labor, are over.
You could buy my books. You could by my CD and hear me think. I’m out to defeat Hitler, J. Edgar Hoover and Meyer Lansky in my record. You can hear me think about it. It is worth 9.99.
Great leaders turn to great engineers, or even bad ones to make thing happen. Falling Water’s engineer wasn’t very good in fact. It was going to fall apart.
I hate to be a beggar. Is it that now the smart guys have it down, begging. Best beggar in town! Trash or what was it? Did Warhol cast Joe Dallasarando as a Junky in something else?
“I steal from lots of people.” Doesn’t he say that? Better movie than you might expect really.
day@transcendia.org is the fixed website contact me email.
To secure the currency of fame I have to go and play outside on the streets near TV stations when they have crews returning to the station minus good film. I am only good, with enough energy to do such things in the afternoons. I got the equipment all assembled. Inverter to run the sound equipment and more than enough for a couple more guitars and the keyboard maybe.
Transcendian Policies are to come out of my mouth followed by punctuating guitar banging like I do. Support for the engineers. Give the engineers grand missions such as putting turbines in the gulf stream to provide power to the legacy grid.
It is expected that because of Oil, we will all suffer fantastic losses and rearrangements of wealth. That’s on the table for this year. There isn’t enough storage space to hold all the advanced production out of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Africa who will put out more trying to get whatever they can.
The economic disruptions are expected to happen in mysterious ways because of new global interconnectedness. I read about it with graphs, I ignored on naked capitalism.
I lust for attention from Yves Smith as concerns the Insurodollar and the entire plan and polices of Transcendia, which does besides making capitalism finally conform to the best of humanistic values with cold actuary tables for the Insurodollar which even overcomes the difficulty of Communism, confront distribution.
International airports in and of themselves are there waiting to be brought more tightly together under one flag. All of them ought be flying the flag of the UN as it is.
In fact we do need a Government of Governments, but won’t get it. Transcendia as designed to be a government in all governments aims for leadership by adopting the Declaration of Human Rights and intolerance for bad manners.
I get more specific in the passports, which you need to buy, so I am not just another beggar.2Transcendian an Cover 2

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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