View from Del the Cat

Hi, I’ve just appeared here…. I was having a cat nap and ‘pop’ here I am…maybe it’s all a pigment of my imagination? (Yeah that was deliberate)

Dunno why but I always seem to be saying ‘just’ not so much as an indication of lack of substance, more as an indicator of immediacy. Just a few words… or just do it, I just gotta say something but what?

What should a cat say? Too much negative stuff in my head so I just gotta kick myself up the backside and do something…Doing stuff is what I do….when in doubt … make something…mend something…refurbish something.

Ha yes, I’ll re-furb my old 275lb draw weight ‘light sporting’ medieval crossbow….

Hmmm the binding which holds the D ring onto the front is a tad perished, never mind I’ll re-do it, but first I’ll cock it using the ‘bending lever’…..BANG, PING, CLATTER. Oh bugger the binding has ripped appart and the Dring and lever have flown across the garage…. Now I’l got to tidy the garage to find the damn thing.

I always work in a total mess…

A place for everything, and everything in a mess, that’s what I say.

Still it will give me something to do to stop me thinking….

Anyhow maybe I shoulda been called Justin instead of Del….

Just for you guys in the US ‘Del’ is short for Derek…. it’s a Cockney thing (not that I’m a Cockney….)

When it’s all re-furbed I’ll post a pic… or maybe you guys could pop over and halp me look for that damn D ring.

Hmmm hope you don’t mind my ramblings…

Peace and chill

Uncle Del

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