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     You are not going to change the world sitting on your ass watching the TV, or even writing on a blog.   This is a problem if you want to be a saint since saints get to be saints because they don’t really do anything.   If you don’t do anything, you don’t make any mistakes.

     Firemen and Policemen and Janitors sometimes make mistakes.

     Sometimes a mechanic will make a mistake.

     Anyone who knows me well knows that I think an awful lot of William Faulkner.   Truly I find it somewhat amazing that  right now there are people all over the world reading a book that William Faulkner wrote.   Faulkner was a serious guy who forced you to relearn even how to read.

     In The Fable you’ve got Jesus walking around on the battlefields of WWI.   In The Wild Palms the doctor kills his girlfriend by accident, because he is not a good doctor, and the dumb convict helps anyone he is in company with.

      Absolam Absolam is the greatest poem I have ever read, for two reasons:   One it is the grandiose achievement of a fully realized poet who did see the poem and the novel as the same thing, and it is simply the longest poem I ever read.   Two the point is that no matter how much stuff, money or fame you might ever get, if the ideals that drove you are simply wrong, your life is a wasted breath of tragedy.

     Oh, yeah, I was intending to encourage you to follow me!

      I’ve got some policies!


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