I use my vision as a touchstone in my head.  You might call it my mind.  You might call it my brain.  It is what is inside my skull.

Little of what I have written now for years is on paper.  I assembled the book.  I have a large pile of things I wrote.  There was a book I wrote in the first year of moving to where I have lived for 17 years now.

I don’t travel at all as I used to.  49, 50 and I simply stopped traveling up and down the east coast.   Sometimes I call people who are far away.  Sometimes they appear on Facebook.

The most important thing I can tell people, and mostly young people is how they may well come to have a vision.  There is a system for everything.  It’s in the book how I came to have mine.  I suggest a system for it.

The old Catholic Church has nuns & monks.   Adapting that system would be that they would work at boring things of no interest to them all day, and satisfy their lust in pleasure with the nun they liked the most.

I’ve told my story many times.  it amounts to that.  I don’t think you get another chance after first passions.

Vision is hard to come by.


The book is Poor Buzz & Stories from Warnings for my Daughter.   It’s on Amazon.


P.S. If Borges Aleph means what I think it does, the vision is the same vision.


Days of Trump, who I call Benito.

Fascism is rule by Corporation.  There are the corporations and then us.  Nations are weak now compared to the corporations.  It wasn’t supposed to turn out this way, armies of the nation doing the bidding of the corporations feels wrong.

The English, the British did it and called it Empire.

All Presidential Electoral Democracies turn into Oligarchies.  Everybody is used and everybody is replaceable.   Things get written up as laws and the rest is attitude and belief and faith & habit.

I don’t really think a return to barbarism will work out this time, though we seem aimed at recreating that.  So many animals and creatures have gone extinct and are dying and there are so many more of us.

If you want to give yourself and what family you might spawn, get as far away from the tanks as you can.  Uruguay sounds good to me, but I haven’t been there.  Go there when you are young so you will be useful and learn the language and get used to it, and like it.

Uruguay has Montevideo.

When the nukes go off they will go off because one side has more tanks and needs to kill tank crews so they will use the dialed down thermonuclear bombs that act like neutron bombs.  The gamma rays destroy the humans in the tanks.  Some tanks anticipate this possibility so the dials are turned up.  This is what I understand.

I think it will be like a mindless sort of riot more than a war myself.  Once some nation uses the nukes others will just feel like they have been given permission to use theirs.  North Korea is itching to do that.

Awhile back on my tv channel on youtube I declared war on all the nations with nukes.  The aim was to get rid of the threat of nukes.  They are an insult to working people who have enough problems growing and getting food clothing and shelter, when the weather is bad.

Dictators do stupid things.  Alfred was a good king but good kings die and the sons and daughters are unreliable. This is why Democracy is understood as preferred.

Corporations in the early days of the US were supposed to serve the public good.  Now it is all flopped over and we are supposed to serve the corporations.  I know how it works since I had a small business and got crushed.


“I love the poorly educated.”  Benito Trump said.  Who thinks like that?  There he is saying that.  Instead of understanding the insult that it is people voted for him.

Sessons, Tillerson, DeVos, Bannon, Trumps children and his son in law, this guy Flynn, Putin, these are the leaders with Ryan & the C.S.A. Congress & Senate.

The goal is riches for them and the people like them.  Jet setters.  The election came down to two Boeings.  One was bigger and black & red and the other was some smaller and blue.

I’ve never liked the flag of the UN.  It’s without colors, just this light blue, like the sky.  I get it but it is hard to be inspired by a flag like that.  You need some earthier colors, or something that reminds people subliminally of stability and blood.  Flags are to lead armies as well and you might not see that flag on the battlefield up against the sky.

Antonio Guterres, the new UN Secretary General says he wants to ban the bomb.  Realistically that means to me a Force that can enforce the ban.

To me this is just a pragmatic reality.