WaR and my experience

WaR and my experience of it are formed by my experience of divorce. In fact as I work to create The United Nations Channel I would like to rename war and call it just divorce. Sometimes I think that people in the Cia read my work. I used to want to send clowns in balloons to Iraq to drop flowers and food, but after my divorce I realized that an SR-71 was a better idea since a balloon is too easy to shoot down and the murder of funny innocents wouldn’t help my cause.

I figured out where God was after last months Scientific American. There is a great irony about the real possiblity of time travel. How can it be that there is an infinite possiblity of universes because time travel is possible. The irony is that past or future another universe is created anytime time is altered.

There is no God, but there is, and there then is no point to touch, but to go to with a funny faith. I saw the band InSync and I don’t think they were using the name in the way I would. What if if was that Jesus was the time traveler that united the times inspite of that impossiblity? The thing is that if all things that are possible, that is possible, or in other words that the parrallel universe created by time travelers could be the same as the one that was created.

Changing time then can create the same time.

I’m doing all right. My brother asked me if I felt like Fifty. I told him, “Everyday, ever hour, every minute, not one more, or one less.”

How do you know you’ve made it?

You’re still doing it when you’re Fifty.


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