An editorial about writing and Physics

An editorial about writing and Physics, the excitement of knowing where God is, in paradoxes of Time Travel. Time travelers constantly creating new universes, parallel universes that might even intersect, but can’t really. Really it is almost too much to imagine so. So the wormhole is to be stopped somewhere and only after that is time travel and infinite creation, meddling be possible?

I am reminded of Ted Williams book about how God has to be somewhere if he exists. Ted says he saw God going in a door at the end of a blind alley off Monroe Ave. in Rochester New York. Recent thinking would more likely locate God in the Mother Paradox explained in the September Scientific American Special Issue.

Yesterday I told Alan how could he call himself a human being if he could not at least imagine Utopia. Diane Keaton’s movie “Heavan” comes to mind.

Nancy Alex says that it was September 7th that The Refrigerator started posting my writings which turned into The writings on my part now have turned into a campaign to create The United Nations Channel.

By way of Transcendian thinking it is in line with my concepts of Proactive Civil Demonstrations, like bombing people with flowers and candy and tvs and radios. I’ve been actually a bit blown away that the Bush War Machine has utilized some of these conflict tools. I really feel bad, as if it is the sin of left undone that I haven’t is that I haven’t launched any message rockets, or given any speech in a long time.

And I wonder about the unity of my writing. It seems hubris for me to think of the tradition of Borges and Faulkner and compare a video I made to that tradition, but then again I’ve written enough, and had enough out that somewhere someone is reading the reading for the day, and the I Ching. This is Transcendian Theological Practice.

When I say Transcendia is a company country and work of art, a model country without an army, striving to be an international confederation of freetrade zone airports, wanting to peacefully emerge from the imagination, but willing to make a virtual reality movie that would be the ultimate in propaganda. The War Movie To Replace War, since everyone knows a war is required to make a Nation. Alliegence is to blood in the ground.

If I had an army I could speak at the United Nations. Since I do not have an army, I cannot. My only way around that is to create The United Nations Channel, from Transcendian Television National Proposal to the General Assembly of The United Nations.

Now this demonstrates the power of television, about as much as you might ever need to. Journalism does have an ethic a bit above entertainment, and or propaganda. I am not above propaganda even myself.

I wonder though what the contents of the propaganda dropped by fast flying aircraft over Iraq really said? I wonder if I would believe it?

Transcendia, It’s a Friend to Yah! Do you believe that?

Holland sounds like Utopia to me from the documentary Nancy Alex and I watched about a year ago. We can’t remember the exact title. It’s not fully any perfect place, hypocrisy can always find a home. But if you speak Dutch, it is a bit more level coming to human civil actions as drama, instead of grinding class wars, status wars. I want to visit Holland sometime. A movie isn’t everything.

Lots of great painters came from Holland.

I heard there were l90 nations in the United Nations, and then a big Five. It would imply then that the Big Five, and their Big Five Money would be driving the World Agenda. Why haven’t they at least agreed to put into place The Planet Defense System?

I guess they need me to tell them about their shared duty to at least steer asteroids away, or into useful mineable orbit.


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