Smart Managers Hire People That Are Better Than They Are At Their Job than they are at the job of Managing.

       If I could hire a Police Force to straighten out Iraq or Sudan, I would be interviewing Costa Ricians.

       I would be hiring Mafia guys and Costa Rician Police to deal with what are generally called "insurgents".

       I would call the "insurgents", "Islamic Fundamentalist", and just deal with it.

       Certainly the Old Testament and the Koran have the equivalent wrathful sort of God.

        If I had a show to call up for talking head guests I’d be putting Sam Harris, John Loftin, and whomever they would want on their debate team up against the Islamist.

      This is a time of TV War since it is the most powerful pen, and I would go as far as it took with the mind war that is the tv war to win for the working classes who know war interfers with their work.

       The Unions that exist really ought to certify a list of Mercenary Companies that they will work for or hire.

       The Police in New York have been at war with the Mafia for a long time and it is certain that this is the model for success where peace is achieved between opponents who are directed by motives that are in opposition with one commonality.

      In the case of the Mafia, their work is to do their job, which is crime, and the cops is for them to do their job, which is to stop the crime.

       The commonality of corruption is met in the laws that cause each side to collude until the Peace is disturbed by war noticed by the general public.

      Too many people live in a Fantasy world.

      When Prayer will cut the board infront of me, I will likely be dead or dreaming.

       Life is really so rare in the universe that it may well be true that insects have souls.

       My soul for yours is the apparently the bargin.

       When a set of virus kills a cow it is not unimaginable that they make up over the experience in heaven.

       Russia and the United States and Japan and Germany and Holland and Great Britain, and France haven’t gone to war against each other in awhile and seem to have discovered a common enemy.

      The Infrastucture Defense Team would be a good name for the Transcendian Mercenary Force Inc.. Don’t you think?

       Damn, it is the truth that the first job I had out of High School was as a Security Guard for Rochdale College.

       I thought I was destined to be a writer and a filmmaker, but maybe I ought to be a cop.

                                                                         Love, Scott Day

Support the Iraqi Police.



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