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Sometimes I Wish I knew

And other times I wish I didn’t.

I’d like to really know what John Bolton and the Bush Adminstration consider reform of the UN.   It is one thing to claim you are for reform, and another to define what that reform really is.

As far as the UN is concerned I am more for using the term Reinvention, than Reform.

I myself would certainly rather reinvent myself than reform.

Bush people certainly seem comfortable with finding something wrong with everyone else but themselves and their idea of reform is suspect as of any help to the world community.

Maybe they have a good idea, but I do not yet know really what it is other than the word reform which I think is an incorrect thought path from the get go.

I am for Andre` Lewins Reinvention Plan which is Expansion of Permanent Member Status, An Exile Island, An Army, the right of Individuals to speak to the Security Council, A generally available Television Channel, (The Transcendian addition to his plan.)   Closed and Secret meetings to advance consensus, and some other point I can’t recollect this minute.

I am pushing for a Constabulary, and I may have gotten that idea as important now from Mr. Lewin as well.

I have wanted Transcendia to be taken over as useful to the UN in the past, but so far am not sucessful enough to be even attacked.

My mail from China did dry up so I wonder if it is still possible to get my writings there.

It would be important for us to know what exactly John Bolton means by "Reform", and if he does not support the sensible plan for reinvention of the UN by Andre` Lewin, I hope his agenda will be unsuccessful.

                                                     Scott Day

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