CondensedRewrite of Peace Is Police

In a time of general war

The people need to protect themselves on the roads and sidewalks and in the subways.

Working Class people need to speak out for themselves individually and en masse at the UN.

The Security Council needs to Create a Constabulary.

Police are on the streets in peacetime, look which is not always peaceful.

Infrastructure workers need protection by the Constabulary wherever there is a vacum.

This is part of the moral imperative of passionless violence.

Maritime law is old and tested and terrorists and pirates are similar enough to suffer or benefit from those old laws.

I do come from sailors and priests and am blessed to have a practical view similar to the view of William James.

Work is the great spiritual quest for the material necessities.

Workers are to be defended by the police and the armies and the laws and the lawyers.

Whoever is individual and part of a fighting organization will have no status with me if they do not defend and serve, unhealthy protect and serve, the workers.

In college I was paid to be a Library Assistant and a Security Guard and I published and was the editor for a newspaper called Ghetto News.

My editor friend says that we are doomed because the truth is not to be used to defend us.

I feel and think that the truth is all that we have to found our hopes on.

If you are armed your mission is to protect workers who give you homes and power and food.

All armed people need to use their arms to protect workers to gain respect for their work with weapons.

                                                                    Scott Day

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