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   I've been working for a minimum wage paycheck at Sids Surplus for coming up on a year now.  For the year and 4 months that I had no paying job, clinic I looked for work, symptoms and tried to sell things.  In my past I got work from hanging out where I wanted work, or with people I wanted to work with.  Mostly on line I have been hanging out with the engineers of CR4.  No paying work has come out of that hang out, but I have some friends and followers from my writings there.

   If there was some income coming into through the "donate" button, I'd be spending it on getting the website here really rocking.  There are things in particular that I would like to sell, like batteries, and shipping container shelters, and exoskeletons, and communications devices, like radios.

   I'd like to have a Transcendian Bank, and a Transcendian Insurance company, and in the real world, control of an airport.

   General ideas for Transcendian Government have been written up in the passport.  Still there are some nuts and bolts tweeks that are really called for.  I have an angry on line friend from CR4 that may well be filing here soon on this subject we discussed to the point I was for a technocratic anarchistic, republic sort of thing.  As Founder I have appointment powers.  Once I am dead these powers are not easy to use.

    Still the way things are I shall be making some appointments.  So far I have appointed Garth Hoyman to some position, though I haven't well named the office.  The story of the rise and fall of his bio fuel business is one we need to know of.  Often he has helped me at some of my technical failures.

   Hopefully we will solve a filing problem.

   At Sids in Carrboro, NC there is an incredible amount of history for sale.  This ain't Wal Mart.  Many a visitor treats the place like it was a Museum enough so they ought to be charged to enter the store proper, and they know it.  There might be a Prop Shop in LA that could be as much a museum, as a Prop Shop.

    Right now I'm trying to sell the cubby lockers, and a Lekolite I put back together, and my art of course.  There is the Diving Helmet of brass for 600.00 bucks too, I'd like to sell along with the suit of armor for 25 hundred.  But mostly we sell stuff that is real inexpensive in the 20 to 40 dollar ranges as high dollar.

    Got a complete Kodak Brownie set from way back for 250.

    We got two slide projectors that I am recommending we do not sell cheap.  No more are being made.  I consider them good rental machines.  Lamp blowouts are a problem.  For amateurs the rental is one thing, for if the lamp blows they just have to stop their show and that's that, but for professionals doing a show with the machine it better work, and if the lamp blows they need at the least a spare so as to continue.  Means I need to charge enough to cover the blowouts, which cost a minimum of 25 bucks.

     Christmas comes but once a year, but everyday is Trick or Treat!

     Halloween is coming up, and we rent out many uniforms or costumes, besides selling clothes, masks, and other stuff for parties during Halloween. 

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