Working Class Corner/Fuck It I can’t figure it out

Working Class Corner.

     I can't figure out why things are so horrible.  Just doesn't seem like it has to be.  I mean women have jobs where they don't do much that is all that hard.

Now that I can't lift steel beam over my head and stuff like that, anesthetist I sell things, buy or make lighter things than houses or buildings.

     The other day I was thinking about how when I was a teenager I did participate in the idea and live with this feeling that my life was a movie.

     Now I know my life is not a fucking movie.  I now longer attempt to live it as if it was some movie, abortion since I want no soundtrack.  Hate listening to the radio stations that play music, and turn the NPR off if someone shows up as a customer.

     Now I wish I had taken the bad paintings my father did.  This is because I have recently done some painting drawings that have the heavy black lines I saw in some of the paintings.  My painting cartoon of my trip to Wal Mart as prescribed by the doctor is a story.  To tell the story in a brush drawing it ended up hard black 3/16th lines and a yellow wash.  It is not out the house for display and sale yet, as I am thinking about it.  The idea that the artist ought to wait a year before evaluating what they did is a good one.

    I don't really understand this era of change for it appears to me, no change is really coming, and it is all rhetoric.  I was afraid Obama's tenure would be much as was Carter's.  Sure is looking like my fears are being realized for if there is a change in the status quo, it is not in any way that really makes any change.

    Piss test me and you might find a bit of Pot residue.  Fucking Drug War eliminates a big part of the work force.  In Transcendia pilots of airplanes will have joint to joystick time edicts.  Yah know for a long time pilots on long international flights of Italy were given a glass of wine.  -Pretty sure that was okay for a long time.

    In a piece I wrote of how since I had smoked a good deal of fine hashish, I could see doing that again, and arguing theology with Osama Bin Ladin, or any of those that get into that mind drone set of that particular fine high.  There is some danger to that mind state come from fine hashish that makes me understand the history of it as an aid to assassination or mass murder.  Back when we knew how to do LSD, we had guides.

    Once out toward the end of those mental experiments, after I had hijacked a car and driver, I discontinued use of LSD.   Was out by myself in the Police State where police and homosexuals were after me to be them.  It was a bad trip conspiracy that to speak about was not a good idea.  Because I stayed silent about all the things past, present, and future, the hallucinations increased to a great problem for seeing where I was going.  I was left only with a little 2 inch central vision window of reality.

    If you want your children to be successful be sure and give them three sill able names.  One sill able names are good too.  Two sill able names are fated for hell in history.  Failure is insured for the two cil able name.

    Where was I?    


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