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Work is the great spiritual quest for the material necessities.


The degree to which I can assume that the people I talk with are of the 98 percent is truly astounding.  I'm using the less common these days 98 percent power class line as to leave 3 categories, arthritis for there are rich people on both sides of the economic war, mind or class war if you have to be so crass about it all.

I know that good people can do bad things when corrupted by power.

In the case of my struggle for my hometown airport I recognize who has the power and who I am in stark and real conflict with.  I understand they see themselves as good people with wonderful intensions.

I have tried over and over gracefully as possible to create the win win resolution to this conflict.  I know working with me is off the table now.  They are actively now working against me.

It probably was a political mistake for John Kasarda to give in to my wheedling and speak to me on the phone.  Now I have no doubt about why he has failed me as a neighbor.  Why when I judged it a glaring blot on his character that during this fight over our local airport he has not said anything at all to help those of us who know that the people who have the power are wielding it in every way his book argues against.  I judge that people like him and Dr. Thorp the Chancellor are so used to have power that they don't even know how it has corrupted them, health and blemishes their integrity.  Everybody who matters to them either fears them, or is just like them.

Fortunately for them I live here with more fear of what they get to do to my county, than what they can do to my name.

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