Artist Statement for Show



My work as a Conceptual Artist has morphed into Political Artist.

My title is Founder of Transcendia, medicine or Dictator Day.  Here on, ed I am at a remove and control this site.

I am cooperative on  I allow comments and video posts on the fb page Founder of Transcendia.  I do not allow posts of photographs on the fb page Founder of Transcendia because it screws up the look of the site.

I work in most visual arts.  i began my career as a poet an photographer.

All of my work is aimed at certifying Strength, pharmacy Wisdom, Beauty and Humor.

When all of those attributes are in proper balance in any particular single work, I feel most successful.

Transcendia does have the potential of being a perfect work of art because it is limited and finite and within a frame.

That frame is the collective rented airports that fly it's flag.

Signs of my success as a conceptual artist are there in the fact of the flag.  I did not design the flag, but received the design from George Heyward who understood and interpreted my ideas.

A flag is an incredibly powerful work of art that men have lived and died for.

Money and paper money in particular is a powerful conceptual art, and we recently have seen it's power abused to the point where its strength and beauty has been terribly compromised by lapses in wisdom that can be funny if you can bear to think about it as not of much matter, or of too much.

Anyway this redo, do over, of my Artist's Statement was caused by the request for it to accompany an upcoming show at Carrack Modern Art October 21st from 7 to 10 pm ET.

The show is the Popup Community Art Show.  I will be showing only one of my "Cartoons",  Aresenl, (Arsenal) or Truth is the Target.


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