founder of transcendia

i've been working on the founder of transcendia facebook page because it is supposed to be interactive.  nobody but nancy alex has made any comments and i've not gotten the chat function to activate and work on the page.  it is apparently a common issue.  too bad really we don't even seem to have any phone number to call.  the good thing for me is that i can make videos of a sort, bronchi and post them to the page and have those go out to twitter.  next week the meeting for monday nights will have to use the russell scott day fb address if we want to be able to chat.  see even posts do not instantly show if not in chat.  so that is new and old business and a report of what dictator day is up to.

Otherwise the secret and public face of transcendia is on my mind.  i do need a staff.  we do need to sell things that help people get around this world to live and work freely.  everywhere a transcendian goes they will be in harms way far as weapons of mass destruction are concerned.  this means i must not lose sight of this as a critical mission for the defense of transcendia.  as a legitimate nation those things that when done will minimize the threat of weapons of mass destruction are a public and secret platform.

legalization of drugs will separate weapons smugglers from drug smugglers.  a real nation does control violence.

if senator john edwards had done what i had asked and determined in consort with doctors how long from joint to joystick we could have made stronger strides towards understanding what form legalization would really take.  it is important that we as individuals do our part.  real people work with real things and this is why i so love engineers.

i do want to build a transcendian insurance policy.  these things are listed over and over in my writings.  some have seen them all.  others have to see the stump speech.

i am pleased where we are far as much of the web presence.  i am working everyday on all aspects of the company country and work of art.  i really need your help.  in particular i do have to face the facts that i don't have open support from the pilots i need.  the pilots that marched for occupy are seriously offered citizenship at reduced rates. I do want them to have diplomatic bags.  i do want them to understand i was very happy as ground service.  i can speak for them without losing my license.

embrey riddle students will hopefully take a look and decide whether of not they want to be a part of transcendia.  

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