Old business.   Transcendian Revenue.  I instituted googleadscense and have never seen a check yet in all the time it has been in effect.  No check has come from sales of cafepress clothes or whathnot with the flag on them.  No money from donate button.  So I worked and put the book Homeless Dog out on the Amazon Kindlestore.

We have put together, there, story and now the Founder of  Transcendia page on facebook.

Ah hell about all of it is still old business though since we need to sell passports and get offices to support them on international airports.

Further it seems to put people off when I point out to be real we need an army and need to be our army.  I can't change some rules about this natural law.

New Business;  Raise money.  I want to sell more and better stuff on the org.  Water and food and energy systems tailored to your specific location.  Gizmag stuff, Airplanes, airport support stuff.  Transcendian diplomatic pouches.  Cleanliness and measured pot by mail order, yeah, I want to sell that too.

Going to go over to the fb Founder of Transcendia page now.  my keyboard is breaking down and wants to key all uppercase, or all lower case.

another thing breaking fixing will cost money.  

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