Working Class Corner/Back At It

Working Class Corner/Back At It
The past year has been interesting. I knew things were going to hell, and had had some thing break, like the computer and the cars. Then I got a real bad case of arthritis in my wrists that made being a carpenter problematic. Somewhere along the line I got some new computers, but they were different, so I just kept going to CR4 and hanging out.[p]
I still had a job. I was officially fully fired a week ago.[p]
Now I’m an Economist. I’ve gotten an Unemployment Check.[p]
I see in the papers and hear on the radio, and hear from the TV, that many people are out of work.[p]
I understand that investors are still buying Treasury Bonds because they still believe in the stability of the US Government. That is insured.[p]
The US is stable. No revolution on the horizon.[]p
About time the US and Russia merged. I said it at the supposed end of the Cold War, and I’ll say it again. The Perfect resolution of the Cold War was Statehood for Russia. We could be Allies with France.[p]
Anyway I guess I’ll pretend I’m on Strike.[p]
I hear General Motors is asking for more money from the Government of the US. How about this. The US Government sells GM to Russia? Russia has a good deal of oil. They don’t make very good cars in Russia. Even mediocre GM cars would be desirable in Russia.[p]
If it was up to me I’d sell GM and all its assets to Russia cheap.[p]
The Russian deserve a gotcha, since when they gave up about the Cold War, all the Capitalists went in and raped them. When they were honest and hurt and changing, they basically got kicked around and down.[p]
Now we’ve got Afghanistan to be stupid in too.[p]
Legalize Hashish and Afghanistan will stop being as much as a problem, but that is too much truth for the day. Not even the Netherlands will actually legalize pot you know.[p]
Your nation will get kicked out of the UN for doing something like that.[p]
You can be a nation in good standing in the UN even if you don’t let girls go to school, drive a car, or mutilate their sex organs, but legalize pot, and you can’t be part of the International Community.[p]
Such a situation means the UN is half assed and a beg off sham.[p]
Maybe the solution is to require that to print money in all nations, you have to be female.[p]
Paper money is to be used only to buy Food, Drugs or Tools, and all weapons have to be purchase with Gold. How’s that? What do you think?[p]

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