Working Class Corner/Nervous Breakdown

Working Class Corner/Nervous Breakdown

The good news is that my nervous breakdown is likely to be temporary.   The bad news is that the causes for my current breakdown have not been removed.   It is therefore recommended that in order for me to function I need to live in a fantasy world, which may appear to be insane, but is actually a good idea, considering…

Lets see.

Anyway I was working on a few things, none of which worked out.

Sadly enough my breakdown is directly tied to money.

According to my study of nervous breakdowns lack of money is a legitimate trigger for the breakdown.

Prior to the invention of money I suppose a lack of beads and babbles would qualify as legitimate triggers for complete mental breakdowns.

After my lastest rejection letter, and after during watching on the Tv Some Came Running, I started crying.

Truly it is one of Frank Sinatra’s best performances.   Regardless of whatever you may think about Frank Sinatra, he really could act, and since I have read Some Came Running, and have attempted to write, plus had ambitions that have mostly come to be no more than dust, I started crying.

Normally I do not cry over rejection letters.

However the confluence of events, like running out of money, and being rejected for another job, and a couple of legal threats, and some health problems, and watching Some Came Running, wherein Frank and Shirley McClain, and Dean Martin give the performances of their lives, prompted me to weep.

My wife said it was probably good for me to have a good cry.

Most of my important machines have broken in tandem with my depression this has contributed to my overall sense of doom.

Some say that my future is bright, and that the situation is temporary, and that  prosperity is just around the corner.

I appreciate positive views, and count my blessings, and give all my love to all in similar states of mind.

Really what I ought to do is walk more in circles.

I am really regretful that I ever had any ambitions other than walking in circles on an airport.

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