Working Class Corner/Stupid thing I Did

Working Class Corner/Stupid Thing I Did

    I signed up for an 8 day trial of the Google Fortune Kit.   The trial was to cost .99 cents.   I paid that with my Visa debit card.  I called after a few days since I had not found any email in junk or my regular box.   They said "We’ll send it."  I did not find it.   I called to cancel since I didn’t have money in my account to cover the charges anticipated.[p]

     "Canceled."   -"Here is the cancellation code."  -"Okay, problem solved, no worry."

     Money taken from my bank account anyway.   Bank account overdrawn.  80 dollars in bank overdraft charges.   70 dollars in charge for Google Fortune Kit.

      I go to bank.   "You have to get the money back from them."

      I call.   "We’ll refund you."   – 3 to 5 business days.

      3 days and I call to check,   "What’s up?   Where is this money?"

      5 days, "What’s up?   Where is this money?"

      6 days, "What’s up?   Where is this money?"

      Oh stupid stupid me.

      Of stupid things I have done, this is one.

      Banker says, "Well actually they can take up to 6 months to give you back the money."

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