Working Class Corner/Bowling Alley Killer

Some people actually do bring round things to sell at Sid's.  One guy has brought in a good number of bowling balls.  I started to wonder where he gets all these fucking bowling balls.  They are heavy and they get in the way.  I ought to paint one so it becomes yard art or throw and roll bowling balls at people on bicycles I don't like.

As a made up movie, ampoule I can see a movie about someone who kills bowlers, and pawns their bowling balls.

I'm having trouble with figuring out how they kill their victims so as not to get blood on the bowling balls.  Ideally the bowling ball murderer would use bowling balls to kill people they don't like.  They are crazy to kill bowlers because when they were young bowlers tried to kill them with bowling balls, and they therefore lump all bowlers in with their tormentors.

Anyway I want bowling balls out of my environment, though I also want mosquitoes and flies to leave me alone.

If you go to Sids Surplus be sure to advance my coupon career by asking to look at the entire bowling ball collection.

Some guy came by and said he was going to make a documentary about Shag Dancing and it had something to do with Juke Boxes, which are a crime ridden historical business early controlled by the mob in Chicago.  Any cash business is dangerous for one reason or another.  The point of legal tender is to allow for private transactions.  

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