Working Class Corner/Crisis Overload or What?

Before Obama was elected when people came round to the house, doctor I told them I was afraid he'd turn out like Carter did.

I was really blown away, viagra in a bad way by what President Obama had to say about Israel and the Palistinians.  Point of 67 borders was to achieve defensible borders.  Without them the US have to fight about it more, therapy not less.  Leastways with defensible borders Israel can take better care of itself.

Coming on the heels of the killing of Osama Bin Laden, which was a good thing, and handled well, I was simply astounded that President Obama said things that to my thinking, are simply ridiculous, and foolish all around.  Even telling all not to bother with going to the UN about it is foolish since if the UN isn't there to work on issues like this, what is it for?  And besides that why bring down on your head all the heat?

Yah gottah wonder how I know these sorts of things, and President Obama, seemingly doesn't?  Course I did have a long conversation years ago with Beni Avini when he was writing for Haretz` that paper in Tel Aviv.  He actually fought in the 67 war in a tank.  His arm was badly burned.  Now writes for the New York Post.

It was long ago that I lost any real hope and faith in leadership from any US leaders, parties, and even many of the people.

What do we have when all is gone!  Hope!, Hope!

Hope dies hard.  

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