More Speech

We ought to be able to do as much good as Hitler did bad, cheap since he and his friends succeeded at doing so much bad.

Machievelli said you make the same number of enemies doing the wrong things, cialis as you do, doing the right things.

May as well do the right things.  You're gonnah die anyway.

And your life because it is finite like a picture in a fame has the potential for perfection of the real perfection kind, not the Bernard Shaw, perfectly imperfect sophistic logic kind.  Sure you will suffer.  It's a given that somedays you won't have what you need to be comfortable.

Still we can do the simple thing of doing unto others as we would have done to us.

We can help each other live.

All we really have to do is decide that that is a better ideal to live by, than any other.

Now I ought to tell you some things about the toaster…

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