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Nothing works if you don't believe in it.

You can believe in hate if you want to.

You can believe in love if you want to.

Maybe you're a psychopath?

Some people are really crazy.

What if you are one of those?

What if you are following the wrong guy?

What if you are following the wrong woman?

Hey, arthritis they must be telling the truth, erectile They're so good looking!

Oh my youthful passion for freedom.

We didn't quite understand freedom was money.

Franklin, troche and Jefferson, and Washington did.

Hamilton was all about it.

Then came Haiti, and look at them now!

It's a crying shame.  What's up with French Colonialism's legacy?

How come their nuclear power plants don't melt down?

Why isn't pot legal, you can't OD and die from it.  I don't get it.

I do know that the nation I come from, where I live, has been robbed too.

They been robbing my people, my friends, the people who work to make things.

Tool makers.

Sometimes I try prayer too, I can't help it.

People will pay for pornography before they will pay for the truth.

Don't think for a minute the truth is free.

Then you have the willfully stupid who don't know their job.

I see wealth in people.  Your soul is worth insuring.  You are the wealth.

All the US money on all the different insurance companies is wasted.

In my nation we are fortunate because we can start from anew.

There are things we can do to pay the rent.

The reality is you can't really own the world, or really even a part of it.

I was right the first time.  Best way to go is the Lease, as idealistic.

Now I'm old and I don't want to be a nomad no more.

The sailor is happy in port.

It's dangerous out there, I see my own desires and know some are wrong.

I was right the first time, but they stole Freeport!

All the communes have failed.  Woodstock nation is just a movie.

Damn! it looks like fun, sortah, was a different time.  All the sex diseases were curable or preventable before herpes and AIDs.

We could get away with it.  Live for long enough to have regrets?

Where'd the money go?

I thought things would get better.

Well not really, that's why I had fun when I had the chance.

I had some fun jobs in the movies.  And rigging was fun.  I love cranes and boom trucks, cameras and guns.

Rockets, airplanes, robots, gadgets, I love that stuff.

In Science Salvation I put on my first drawn out paper money.

It is logical the Country, Nation, be a company.

I'm mad the Russians and Chinese steal our movies and music.

Why didn't the Republicans do something about that?

It's death by a thousand cuts.  So many free riders in the world on the backs of the US workers.

Down on in the Red Neck Rivera, they don't know what they're real interests even are.

I was appalled at what they thought funny in their version of Disneyland.

Least they would let me put my pistol in the glove compartment.

You need to be able to move around for work you do right.  You need a universally accepted and loved passport.  I made one up.

It's out there on the Transcendia Wiki now.  Only place to read that.  I forgot my password.  I'm tired of all the passwords.

I'm bothered by the need for spycraft.  Guess I gottah be a spy, try to find the truth.

I want to start at home.  I want the Drug War over.  I remember when all the hippies at acid and went to DisneyLand.

I went to Disneyworld on my Honeymoon.  I liked the globe art in the Hotel.  I got my bride pregnant.

She sewed up 6 flags.  Her family and her divorced me.  It was a setback.  I was going to mortgage, or sell her house and buy an airport inbetween Cancun an Cozemel,   Us mechanics had a plan.  I failed.  The flags are missing, all but one tattered one on the wall.

Last if flew it was upside down, in the video on YouTube.

You make the same number of enemies doing the right thing, as you do doing the wrong thing.

Ethics are superior to morals in this world of competing truths.

The majority knows how to act at the airport.

We can build on that.  Germany, came back.  The Berlin Airlift worked.

Buy a hat.  It's got the new flag on it.  It's over there on the left in the Apparel Department.

I'll be able to send pot to an airport near you on my planes.  There is money in vice.  Not all drugs are the same.

High octane fuel and White Cross let the British win the airwar.  I'm happy Hitler was defeated.

FDR and Churchill lied about some things, kept some secrets too.  It's hard work.

We can make a new nation if we want to.  Buy a hat! 


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