Working Class Corner,Really?

Reporting that I hear, generic read, arthritis or retain points in bad future outcomes in general, cough with few bright spots.

Hear personhood for corporations is a problem.  Hear US laws that encourage outsourcing, are a problem.  Hear CAFTA and NAFTA are problems.  Banking Regs and oversight problems are not reported to actually be fixed.  US debt is awful high.  Gold is up.

The solutions are not really mysteries.  Indicated outcomes from similar historical events are not particularly hard to predict.  Rome did fall.

Personally I identify one or two problems that are not much addressed as influencing bad times.  Theft of intellectual property by the Chinese, and the Russians to a lesser extent has taken a toll on the US economy.  Republicans don't seem to mind if movies and inventions are ripped off.  I think this is partly because Republicans don't like the common political views of many high profile movie people.  Lots of movies are propaganda for the "American" way of life.

Lots of people in the world have benefited from charges for things others get for much less, if not for free.  They call this the Freerider, what? Factor?

Looks to me though that the main factor for US economic weakness are laws and tax regs that continue to reward corporations for making what products people need and want and pay money for, out of the nation.  Looks to me like US working class people are sold out day in and day out.

I try to work from another angle to see really what to do.  In the end I know that nothing works if it is not believed in.

For Transcendia I propose insurance from birth, and fees for essential services appropriate for government to be responsible for.  I also believe taxes on transactions are sensible and practical.  I am opposed to laws that create criminals who otherwise are just living their lives as they see fit, and not particularly hurting anyone.  Drug laws create criminals for the simple use of drugs is a victimless crime.

Boy oh Boy, cuts to education in Florida sure are depressing as they collect most of their budget from fees.  Still I can't help it if they don't know how to properly spend what they do have.    

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