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If had any money, it would buy at least one converted shipping container home and pay to have it shipped to Haiti and given to the President Preval, with a deed.

Something like that needs to happen as soon as possible if the concept of utilizing shipping container housing is to gain the needed traction as the situation in Haiti roils.

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I’ve put a good deal of time into work thinking and writing about ways to fix up Haiti, and would really like to succeed this time around.

UNTV failed.

I worked real hard on that too.

If I had some real money, this is what I’d do:  Buy a Home made from a Shipping Container, and pay to have it delivered to the President of Haiti.

Then I would work from there to buy the ones that are already there, and pay to move them first to the Food Distribution Centers.

Second I’d move them to the places where the Doctors and Medics are providing medical care.

Then I’d move some to make some schools out of.

Then I’d move them to the camps.

Then I’d move them to make communities.

I’d establish a Headquarters at the port of Port-au-Prince, and the other ports of Haiti.

I’d create Foundation Prep, and Transport, and Conversion crews and equip them and pay them to do the work.

I’d pay attorneys to create deeds and clear property documents.

I’d have to pay for Security Forces to protect the property.

From there then I would move towards creating industry appropriate to the people and the resources of Haiti.

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