In Case Real Short Haiti

In Case Someone Stops In for A Short List of Why Shipping Container Shelter is Reccommended for the Emergency Situation in Haiti.

Shipping Containers are strong, therapy and available.

Moving them is not as difficult as it might appear.

They will work as they are, here without modification as shelter when the storms come.

The industry of modifying them and making them into homes, is mature.

Nothing else is as strong, cheap, or available, or can be applied as quickly.

With the UN paying for a headquarters at the port of Port-au-Prince, to run a Foundation prep crew, a Transport Crew, and a Fixed Base Modification, and Mobile Modification Crew, a quick and strong shelter supply that will work better than anything else could be accomplished in Haiti.

I could elaborate, and explain many details of this, but this is simply a short short summation of why I am working to advance this utilization of shipping containers for the shelter needs in Haiti.

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