Working Class Corner/Resume`

List of Jobs:

I’m going to try and remember all the jobs I ever had.

I knew a guy who said, "I don’t do resume`s, and I sort of  understood his attitude towards them.

One of the most disastrous jobs I ever took came about a result of my resume`.

That job was with Piedmont, and they had a problem with Transcendia.

– its a longer story, but I need to move on.

My first job, was as a newspaper delivery boy.  Started that when I was 11.

Painted a house.

Was a Boy Scout Camp Counselor, and was the Assistant Commissary Director.

Tried being a bag boy at a grocery store in Chicago for three weeks.

Worked at a Camera store selling cameras and making deliveries.

Eventually I graduated from High School and went to Canada and sold poems I’d written on the streets after moving into Rochdale College.

Was hired to be on Security there.  Nearly got thrown out a window due to conflicts over corruption.

Number came up high in the Lottery, so I could leave.

Went back home to NC, and worked sort of as a carpenter.

(Somewhere in there I worked as a hot tar flat top roofer.)

Moved with the girlfriend to Rochester New York.

Got a job at a stationary warehouse.  Then worked for the Humane Society.

Worked for a baby stroller making company driving a forklift.

Was a Pizza cook.

Was a reporter photographer and columnist for a newspaper.

Sold Cameras again.

Girl and I broke up, and I had a nervous breakdown.

Moved back to NC and worked construction again.

Had a job as a News Paper route Circulation Manager.

Got a job fueling airplanes at the airport.

Tried to start a photography business, and sold some photographs, but went bust.

Moved to Fort Lauderdale and managed fuelers at another FBO.

Got a semi job writing for a TV Show in Toronto.

Ended up back in Rochester New York, and did odd jobs of many sorts.

Wrote brochures, did some copywriting either freelance, or for an ad and marketing company.

Finally took a job with another FBO and was the Night Manager, before going to work for Piedmont.

Sold a Short Story to Gannet.

After I was fired by Piedmont, I drove a cab for about a year.

Then I did lightshows for a nightclub till I got beaten up within an inch of my life while on the job.

Moved to Manhattan and got a job running a Lighting and Grip Truck for Independent films TV and what not.

Did an off Broadway acting job, as the lead.

Did a Voice over for a national commercial.

Business failed due to a producers lockout.

Went freelance, in Rochester New York, and worked on some commercials there.

Moved to Fort Lauderdale again.  Worked as an aircraft mechanic, sort of, and aircraft mechanic helper.

Moved back to NC, and worked on some films and commercials in Wilmington.  Joined the union.  Shot a TV Pilot.

Wrote some articles for a magazine.

Ended up back in Greensboro and worked some films, and some commercials, but mostly worked as a stagehand.

Wrote, and or finished some books that haven’t sold.

Got a scholarship due to some poetry I’d written to Farr Associates Executive Leadership Workshop.

They said I was maybe a genus, and suited for either janitor or CEO.

Painted houses for 6 months and took a job with a construction crew in Chapel Hill, NC.

Did that for about 10 years while continuing to write.

Tried to get the UN to do better with TV.  That failed.

Was up for an appointment to the Airport Authority as I tried to save and make more all round useful to everybody the Local Community Airport.

Got pretty crushed on that one too.

Got fired.

Haven’t had a job in a year now.

Trying my hand at think tank work.

I’m a big supporter of Shipping Container Housing for Haiti.

That reminds me of a job I had scrapping a ship, and directing a Holiday Lighting rig over a bank.  Got up to 193 dollars an hour on that one.

Best pay per hour was as an actor though.

You can make a lot of money if you are willing to make a fool of yourself.


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